OH OH OH .. the time has come for assessments, recaps of the year 2012, retrospectives,… you have understood it, everyone went there with their personal Bolivia Email List to come back to this year 2012, rich in the field of digital and social networks.

Well at 50A, we take the bull by the horns by taking stock of the 2012 balance sheets (we like to follow things through). Starting with the Huffingtonpost which offers us to review the best articles of 2012. Among the best scientific studies of 2012, we learn that early risers are more creative in the evening than in the morning .. sisi!

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We also find the soon to be legendary Felix Baumgartner free-fall jump from over 39,000 meters above sea level. A very good marketing operation in passing for Red Bull, which has indeed given it wings (although it has only fallen …).

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We will pass the Psy phenomenon with its indecipherable Gangnam Style. A success driven by social media. The video counts more thn a billion views on Youtube… just that! It deserves a little dance, right? … no. The Huffingtonpost, always, also offers us a retrospective of the great technological inventions . With, among others, the glasses from Google, the headband which makes it possible to control objects by the thought or the Li-fi which makes it possible to transmit information via light waves.

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Influencia also takes stock of 2012 by reviewing the highlights and key figures but adds a rather interesting personal touch by developing the trends of 2013 We will end with the huffingtonpost (very inspired by the retrospectives) and which offers us (it is indeed a gift), the 30 funniest videos of the year 2012 (and we were spoiled this year).

You will understand, if you hibernated between January and last November, it does not matter because the great Internet is there to remind us of the most important in December. We take this opportunity to wish you a happy end of 2012 and a happy new year 2013. And because we like you, we’re going to reveal our little well-being and health secret to you: nothing like a little exercise and joie de vivre to make the world go round!

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