The podcast is a bit of a buzzword, which we can pronounce to give ourselves importance. But as often, a fashion – after all quite superficial – can hide a “groundswell” to use the occasional expression Philippines WhatsApp Number List by the Breton Pierre Orlac’h, founder of Bababam , whom I interviewed for the occasion. Which podcasts to listen to during confinement ( search duck duck go )? Certainly in these times of remoteness, the podcast will still gain in force, and journalists have also all given themselves the word to make their lists of podcasts to listen to during confinement .

We have believed in this “groundswell” for many years at Visionary Marketing , and our readers know it well. For those brands that are still hesitant, here is a professional explanation that will help you see what is happening on the other side of the fashion mirror. All of this really had an impact on customer relationship strategies, and we saw decisions made on channel choices, which we opened or closed, and which were dictated by this crisis.

So Pierre, The Podcast Is The Fashionable Format …

Yes, it’s a buzzword and that’s the whole point. I have advertisers in front of me who tell me “the podcast is a trendy thing, it’s for fun, but it’s not a real subject”! Today, we still have this perception on French territory because the Marlet The very notion of a B2B or B2C market is at the heart of the marketing approach. A market is the meeting … is not yet mature enough. France, and the Francophonie are still behind compared to the US, the Scandinavian countries or the UK.

Philippines WhatsApp Number List

The podcast is a buzzword, but above all it’s a groundswell So yeah, it’s a buzzword. However, there is a groundswell in digital audio that convinced me as an entrepreneur, for several reasons. podcast
State of play of European podcasting ( this graph is to be taken in hindsight, says Mateus Sojka ). The first is quite simply that we notice a need for time to consume different content, without a screen. That does not mean that we will consume less screens, but more audio.

At Visionary Marketing Where We Have Been Doing Podcasting For Almost 20 Years …

you don’t find out, and our podcasts are available from Google, and Apple, of course, and a whole bunch of channels, because today you can publish anywhere. This is the advantage of the RSS feed, but the RSS feed does not necessarily help the development of the digital audio format, because it has a lot of brakes. The RSS feed is both a freedom because I upload a feed and then it can be distributed anywhere. But it also impedes the development of the ecosystem. In terms of KPIs in particular.

Take the example of Apple Podcast, when you come to retrieve the statistics, you do not know if it is a real listening or if it is a download of your episode. For me, who comes from the world of video where we can talk about visibility, “ completion rate ”, this is a major challenge. There is also a need to consume less “snacking” content. Likewise, that does not mean that we will not do any more. But after having “swiped” 15,000 stories during the day, I maybe, at some point, wanted to listen to a podcast.

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