Balance time. We share in this post the most commented on Twitter during 2014. Starting from the publication of the data that the company itself has made through. A special website in which the visual presentation facilitates the understanding of this annual rollback. The most commented on Twitter during 2014 During 2014, the global conversation. Twitter was oriented towards moments of celebration, protest, mourning and joy. According to Twitter itself, more than 500 million daily Tweets are currently published on the platform. A very relevant figure if seen in perspective, during 2014 only one Tweet was classified as the “Golden Tweet. Which is It has also had the honor of being the most retweeted of the year.

Especially the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was the most commented. Twitter for the inhabitants of Latin America in the pre, during and post World Cup. It is relevant to note that many of the most commented moments. Twitter during 2014 are events Algeria Mobile Number that occur on television , which makes 2014 the year of the marriage between said medium and Twitter. Something that we can particularly see in shows like the Oscars. . Unfortunately not everything was celebrations and television events. On Twitter we were also able to follow the death of actors Phillip Seymour and Robin Willimas, as well as the air tragedies of Malasya Arilines with the disappearance of their flights MH370 and MH17.

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Social movements were also protagonists of the conversation. The so-called ” Umbrella Revolution ” in Hong Kong and the protests in Ferguson stand out. In the Venezuelan case –which does not appear on this site– we saw how Twitter and other social platforms have helped publicize the human rights violations committed by the Maduro government during the days that took place between February and June 2014. If you never post a tweet, people may assume you’re inactive and leave. And the worst thing is that they may even believe that the company is not operational either! Watch out. You weren’t there when they needed you Just like an irresponsible mother or father.

Approximately 60% of people will follow a brand on Twitter for customer service and support. If you weren’t around when they needed you. Then that’s a good reason to unfollow you. If for some reason you won’t reply for the whole day let people know. From your Bio and when you will reply again. If your Twitter presence isn’t for customer support. Be sure to use the Bio so people know where to contact and get help. Mix the personal with the brand What you think personally about any situation should be outside the brand timeline . If you start tweeting potentially controversial political views or comments on social trends that have nothing to do with the brand, be prepared that people who disagree will quickly unfollow you.

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As the popular saying would say, you can’t be a “gold coin” for everyone , much less please them all the time. So you better not worry about every unfollow that happens, every one that unfollows you. What we can do is be aware of what triggers one or another behavior in people and thus reduce the level of unfollows, while trying to cultivate an attractive Twitter channel. Don’t you think? What other avoidable reason can you identify? If you like to share it, we encourage you to leave us a comment below. Twitter advertising skyrockets After years of funding. Twitter began offering businesses more choice and more flexibility in the terms. On which their advertising options are paid for.

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