Your customers go directly to Twitter and are responsible for expressing their complaint in 140 characters or less. Social networks like Twitter are increasingly becoming the electronic resource most akin to the modern customer service or complaints department, as for some good reason complaining on Twitter often leads to immediate results. In addition, this action is much faster than sending an email and much more public. Whether complaints are justified or not, all online stores can be victims of public shaming through Twitter. Being a person immersed in e-commerce issues, you have to start considering that Twitter can become your mailbox for complaints and suggestions.

The secret to successfully running this social network as your complaints department is to provide excellent customer service. This is where you Russia Phone Number should start: 1. Monitor all the mentions they make of you This is not as difficult as it sounds and should not inspire images of Orwell ‘s Nineteen Eighty-Four . Building a proper social media monitoring service will pay huge dividends. In a perfect world, all of your customers will use your Twitter username to get closer to you. In this way, their messages will appear in the ‘interactions’ window and you will know to whom each complaint or suggestion belongs. For example, if someone includesShopify in a tweet, rest assured that it will immediately show up in our system.

People No Longer Fill Out Comment

Unfortunately, not everyone sends symbol links to your Twitter account, so if you don’t have a good monitoring service you could be missing out on a lot of important conversations. One of the best platforms to be monitoring the social networks of your store is HootSuite. It is an easy to use and powerful tool that will help you monitor Twitter along with all other existing social networks accepted by this platform. HootSuite offers a free plan that covers basic monitoring features, but if you need more features or add more social media accounts, you can upgrade to its pro mode for $5.99 per month. Once it is configured you will be able to schedule tweets, analyze account traffic and sleep peacefully knowing that what people say about you is being captured and saved by this platform.

Respond with exceptional customer service It’s important to respond to every direct interaction on your Twitter account. Try to make this happen through a normal conversation. For example if someone asks you a question, answer in the most appropriate way. If they give you a compliment, say thank you and if they make a complaint, face it and worry about resolving it. It can be tempting to ignore a negative tweet and hope it will eventually go away, but that probably won’t. Unless the claim is absolutely ridiculous, it’s always best to respond in a friendly and honest manner. A simple message like “I’m sorry to hear you’re not completely satisfied.

Cards or Send Nasty Emails to the Complaints

Is there anything I can help you with?” it can be the first step to start a dialogue. Don’t hesitate to ask the customer for their email to solve the problem in a more private way. By sending a direct message to their account. It can be difficult to address an issue in just 140 characters so Twitter is fine for first contact. But the conversation can be continued via email or phone. Providing exceptional customer service is not limited to one social network. You must provide the service through all your social media account. Email or any other place where the customer can express a complaint or raise a concern. But just because the conversation starts. Twitter (or anywhere else) doesn’t mean it has to stay there. For each specific problem.

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