The use of content Belarus WhatsApp Number List on the rise in 2020 Marketers say their use of content marketing will increase in 2020 and continue to grow over the next two years. According to a new report from eMarketer , 80% of marketers worldwide say the use of campaigns focused on content marketing will increase. Only 2% of respondents say that the use of content marketing will decrease, and 19% say that it will remain stable. Growth in the use of content marketing in 2020 Beyond editorial type content and social networks, more and more professionals are turning to non-traditional forms of content creation. For example, 90% of marketers say they plan to use audio and podcasts in their campaigns in 2020.

A similar percentage plan to use emerging technologies like augmented reality . Jillian Ryan, Senior Analyst at eMarketer, comments on the results of this survey: “Content, when produced strategically and consistently, can be the backbone of a marketing and advertising plan. It should be created for a specific audience and shared in the most relevant channel to reach the intended audience. Brands are starting to realize that content-driven strategies can inform and fuel most of their other marketing and advertising initiatives ”. Need advice for your Content Marketing strategy ? Don’t hesitate to contact us !

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Google recommends working with SEO specialists The last Google video in the “Search For Beginners” series had as its main theme the 5 most important elements to consider for your website. Among these pillars, Google mentioned in the last part that hiring or collaborating with SEO specialists is highly recommended. The “Search For Beginners” video series tends to be very educational and point out for beginners, fundamental aspects in building a digital marketing strategy to be visible in the Google search engine. It is therefore consistent to hear from Google that being accompanied by an SEO consultant or an SEO agency is advisable to extend your organic footprint.


Moreover, the next videos announced by Google will aim to go into details about this subject. Here’s what Google explained in this last video: “Are you looking for someone who can optimize your site for you? Hiring an SEO specialist can be a good option. These professionals can help you improve the visibility of your pages and your positions in organic results. We will talk more about this topic in a future episode. ” Google does not provide more details, but it is clear that the next episodes of the series “Search For Beginners” will address the fact of working with an SEO. You can watch the entire video below. The 5 recommendations made by Google in this video
That Use Google Assistant. Just Having Google Assistant

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Google advises Gambia Email List replacing the publication date of an article with the last modification In the series of questions posed to our friend John Mueller on Twitter, a user recently asked the Webmaster Trends Analyst if it was advisable to change the date of publication of blog posts to the date of last modification. Here is the question initially asked in English on Twitter. If we translate the question into French, it gives: “Would it be acceptable to change the publication date of blog posts to the last modified date?”

Because we don’t significantly change all of our posts when we update them, we don’t change the post date. Thus, users only see the date of publication. To improve this, is it a good practice to change the published date to the last modified date? Or is it better to put both dates on the page? Google would still have access to both dates through metadata, Schema tags, and XML sitemap . What do you think ? ” This is a question that is asked regularly in the SEO community , which makes the answer given by John Mueller particularly eagerly awaited. ​

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