Chat (or chat ) in a customer service context has seen its adoption grow dramatically during the lockdown period. Those who wondered Panama WhatsApp Number List this crisis had brought about changes in the digital transformation of companies had the diffuse feeling that a click had occurred. But it was still necessary to be able to put figures on this impression.

Visionary Marketing – Where Does Social Media Fit In? More than ten years ago, we announced a real revolution in customer service through social media and we have seen publishers integrate these new media very early on in their platforms. What is the state of maturity and use of these tools within CRM tools?

Iadvize Observed Two Main Families Of Changes In Customer Service During The Crisis

First of all, the changes linked to decisions that had to be taken in a strong way. For example in connection with forced teleworking, because the customer service activity is, by default, an activity that hardly happens at home. Containment has forced a rethink of customer service, and working methods

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With regard to the telephone channel for example, which is the best known in terms of customer service, it has been difficult for brands to deploy strategies over the phone with customer advisers, in-house or outsourced, working from home. This with the possible technical difficulties, and often a family context radically different from that of call centers quite sanitized in terms of listening, or a bandwidth to share, etc.

Decisions Dictated By The Economic Context

The second family of behavior change in terms of customer service, appeared a few weeks after the first decisions taken in a hurry It focused on decisions dictated by a particularly tense, uncertain economic context, with a lack of visibility on revenues, on budgets, and with this desire not to sacrifice the relationship that brands have with customers since it is is one of the most important aspects.

Brands have asked themselves the question of how to make themselves available to their customers just as much, or even more, but at a lower cost. And there, we saw customer service strategies evolve a lot, with channels which really knew how to go up in terms of uses.

Decisions that were sometimes postponed for months and months were made very quickly during this crisis. We have quite a few examples of this. Many brands that were wondering about offering their in-store salespeople to put a phone in their hands to see if they would be able to answer questions from visitors to. The B2B website is the digital showcase for your business. This is the easiest and most efficient way … , accelerated their decision due to the closure of the stores. For example, at Leroy-Merlin, around fifteen in-store salespeople from home advised salespeople in the online store by messaging.

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