to analyze several signals Mexico WhatsApp Number List the web so that they could detect the sites that Internet users prefer. So make it easier for search engines and put the consumer at the center of your site design . Consumers and Keywords Before you dive into the heart of the matter with optimizing the titles of your pages and their HTML tags, it is essential not to skip an important step: defining your target consumers and defining your keywords. . It is at this precise stage that you learn what your consumers are looking for, as well as

the exact queries and phrases they are used to typing in a search engine. By targeting these habits, you will be able to position your site on searches typed daily by your potential audience. Here is exactly how to do it. Buyer Persona If you are already running a business on the internet, you probably already have a good idea of ​​what your target audience looks like, also known as Persona Marketing or Buyer Persona. Here is an example. buyer-persona-parent-foot seo This type of research aimed at identifying your buyer personas isn’t just useful for creating products that people need. It is also a very important part of SEO and Content Marketing .

The Link Building Research Intentions Other Seo Factors

Here are some additional explanations . To be successful in SEO, you need to create content around topics that your customers are looking for. And unless you already know who your consumers are, it’s very difficult to pin down the types of information they’re looking for. The best way to build your buyer persona is to use the free Hubspot tool called Make My Persona . This tool allows you to create your marketing persona step by step. At the end of the process, you get a detailed file of your persona, along with their avatar. buyer-persona-example-seo agency 90 Keyword research Now that you have your marketing persona, it’s time to take the next step: keyword research.


This is where you examine the search phrases people type into the search engine bar. In general, keywords fall into two main groups: People who will easily find the products you sell through their keyword research: product keywords . The other group is your audience that doesn’t research what you’re selling: informational keywords . Product Keywords Informational Keywords billing software how to make an invoice cheap accountant invoice model accounting calculator mandatory information on invoice Does an example tell you? Let’s say you are the head of an e-commerce site specializing in the sale of tennis sneakers. Your product keyword group would look like this:

Page Seo Introduction To Technical Seo

cheap tennis shoes Nike tennis shoe tennis shoe for flat feet At the same time, informational keywords relate to things that interest your audience without them necessarily looking for tennis shoes: tips for serving well how to do a one-handed backhand? do a good second serve average speed of a first serve To be successful in SEO, you will need to optimize the pages of your website around these two types of keywords. In this way, when an Internet user arrives on your site without having the purchase of a product or service in mind (via an informational research), you will have the possibility of exposing your products to them and of -be converting it into a new customer. Tips for your keyword research Here are some tips for doing your keyword research well.

First, use Google’s autocomplete . You probably already know this feature. Every time you start typing a query into Google’s search engine bar, you get a list of suggestions. google-autocompletion seo We recommend that you take a look at these suggestions and take these keywords into consideration for your SEO strategy. Second, search the Answer The Public tool . answer-the-public-seo Answer The Public is a free online tool that gives you great data about what people are looking for in search engines.

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