Because it is important in a content marketing strategy to vary formats, it is therefore more than advisable to explore different types of content, whether it is to find new concepts or just new ideas. This is why it is important to effectively maintain a watch on different areas. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the place video can have in social media communication.

Video on the Internet, and in particular on social networks, is currently booming. Moreover, social platforms are also moving in this direction, by Catalan Email List publishers new features or new tools to create suitable content. Innovation remains the key word to stand out from the crowd. Also, video on social networks remains very ” nomadic “, since one in two videos is consumed on the mobile. For example, French users who watch video are 9.7 million on computer while they are 24.3 million on mobile. Reassure the reader: play on the surprise while giving an overview of the content .

Mobile Video: Formats That Change

For example, YouTube is updating its mobile application so that the player module adapts to the format of the video. As for a vertical video made on mobile, there will therefore not be the famous black bands (not very aesthetic) to the right and left of the video.

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Indeed, mobile video is becoming more and more democratized and is also increasingly driven by social platforms themselves. Another strong trend is also live videos. The first instigator remains of course Twitch on the gaming part, the “streamers” are very numerous on the networks. More traditionally, Twitter is one of the first to venture into the direct with its Periscope application and which in the process ousted its direct competitor at the time: Meerkat. Since then, many other networks have started doing it, such as Facebook (with Facebook Live), Instagram, Snapchat (at least for major media and special events).

For What Benefits?

So what are the advantages for a brand or a company of integrating video into its content? We give you three definite benefits that video can bring to your communication on social networks. Small example with our publication on our Facebook page . This stages an evening organized as part of the IOMMA (Indian Ocean Music Market). The video aims to retrace the various highlights of the evening in a dynamic way. Thus, by showing the different personalities, it gives a more human aspect to our communication while highlighting people, which is very appreciated. Beyond that, it also allows us to gain visibility and commitment.

Much more than a simple image, with video it will be even easier to tell things. Whether it is with the images, but also with the sound. The simple fact of portraying people with even a small smile, will allow users to arouse a certain emotion, which is essential in the success of its communication !

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