Links to your website on social networks, it is always better that they are accompanied by attractive visual content. The only social network that works differently in this regard is Instagram. The links on the posts do not work, being the bio link the only clickable one in the entire account. However, to solve this “setback” tools or applications have emerged that allow you to add several actionable links in the bio. Linktree or Metricool are some of them. Reasons for doubt for the use of social networks by companies It is true that there are still many companies that find reasons for doubt as to whether or not they should be on social networks. I am not going to list the 20 reasons for doubt for the use of social networks by companies , because you can read it in the link as well as in this infographic.

But I can add that most of the time, these doubts are not reasonable . Infographic 20 reasons for doubt about the use of social networks by companies The activity in social networks in the digitization of any company or business must be planned to Peru Phone Number achieve success. Only in this way can the profitability of the actions carried out on social media be achieved. Naturally, I have to admit that it is true that social networks require a lot of time, which is the first question that many companies have. This is so because in an adequate marketing strategy aim at creating a brand image or improving the profitability of the business, publications constantly improvise nor can they be made from Easter to bouquets.

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An adequate approach when planning a social media strategy for a business, be it large or small, requires a prior study and a development plan, an action plan, a marketing plan in social networks . This is where a marketing agency like ours can help you. We can take care of the management of your brand’s social networks, or we can guide you along the way so that you or one of the people who work in your organization can carry out this task. social media marketing To do marketing on social networks , the first thing we have to know is the target audience of our business to know what social networks it is on and open our communication channels there.

Once we have defined in which social networks our brand will have a presence, we have to create the profiles and optimize them appropriately. In this link you have a checklist to have optimized profiles in different social networks . It is also necessary to know the characteristics and particularities of each social platform. The same is not spoke in all of them is the same frequency of expect. Nor can we publish the same content without adapting it to each network. If we have done the job well, at this point we will already have a social media plan that will guide us on. What content to publish on each of the social networks, what kind of content (links, images, videos…).

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How often to do it when and how much to spend on social media advertising. What metrics we are going to use to analyze the data of our social activity. In the event that the management of your company’s social networks has fallen to you. I recommend that you read the linked article. In it, I tell you what you must take into account to manage. The social media of your company or business without dying trying. Are you now clear about how social networks influence the digitization of your business? Do you need advice on this matter? Do not stop consulting us.

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