Brand is well known for the great experiences it provides customers in its physical stores. For example, there are usually 2 colors of baskets, one for people who need help and one for people who prefer to shop alone.

With social commerce, you need to create an experience on that same level. With that in mind, Sephora created a great shopping experience with its “Fragrance IQ” quiz.

Recommendations are always a great way to attract new customers, and creating an interactive quiz makes this experience even better.

Resources like this reinforce the credibility of your brand. After all, you are actively helping users choose the most compatible product for their needs, instead of selling them whatever item you have in stock, just to take their money.

As a result, buyers who filled out the questionnaire are likely to return for more purchases if your recommendations prove to be accurate for their preferences.

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Questionnaires and other interactive experiences give. You a more accurate understanding of your customers’ behavior. Every response and click generates data that you can capitalize. On to Macedonia WhatsApp Number List approach customers with the offers they are most likely to accept.

3. Bolle
Leveraging augmented reality (ar) to create a unique experience for. Instagram followers, bollé allowed potential buyers to virtually try. On its new phantom sunglasses.

Users were able to feel how the lenses look on their faces with. The camera in selfie mode. They can then switch to the front view and. Add camera effects to see how the sunglasses. Would behave in a real environment.

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Integrated into the purchase process, so after enjoying their image with the sunglasses, the user can immediately select the desired model and which supplier to buy from.

Bollé’s initiative is another great example of how social commerce can be more effective and profitable with the support of advanced technologies. From a branding point of view, it is also a strategic way to drive engagement and authority in the marketplace.

Also, providing sophisticated ways for users to interact with products before spending their money is a win-win approach. The more interactions are recorded on the AR page, the greater the chances of capturing valuable data from each visitor.

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