Many healthcare organizations still offer leaflets. And for very good reasons: there are still people who have poor or no access to digital resources. Moreover, by physically handing over a folder, healthcare providers have a little more control over what the patient has or has not read (or so we think

Offline Resources

Digitizing patient information certainly does not mean phasing out offline resources. Still, I see that more and more healthcare organizations are phasing out print work due to financial reasons and limited maintainability. In that case, make sure you have a good alternative. For example in the form of a printable page and/or a PDF document, as described above. When designing, keep in mind:

  • The printer-friendly version: smart use of colors and photos, among other things.
  • Adding related content, such as department information.
  • Good quality through, among other things, the logo and corporate identity font.
  • The date of the print/PDF.

Renewal website as a starting point

Convinced of the importance of a digital source? Hopefully this article Investors Email Address will help you on your way. Everything stands or falls with the management and quality of the content. The renewal of your website is often a logical starting point. Usually you are already busy cleaning and updating all information.

Investors Email Lists

Last year, a Nivel poll showed showed that people nowadays search a lot for information about health complaints and conditions (60% of people) and treatments (37% of people). In other words: what do I have? And what should I do about it? Digital search is the most popular. An open door, but still. In 2020 it is therefore difficult to think of a reason why you should not digitize.

It is good to then immediately look further at the other resources and how they can – in the long term – be linked to the same CMS. To make the project manageable, it is good to prioritize the content and resources. Start with the main topics and go step-by-step.

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