About window dressing at christmas . Inesem business school window assembly and design course (university degree with 5 ects credits) more information effectiveness increases in areas with heavy foot traffic, as the product mix is ​​made up of goods that customers will compare in quality, price, and style across different stores before making a purchase decision. In addition, it will be more important in the sale of unnecessary products: the window should attract the customer and provoke the initial desire to buy. The showcase will reflect and synthesize the characteristics of the establishment, so that the customer gets an idea of ​​the products and the quality found inside.

The showcase will reflect

In addition, an image of the establishment and of the products that are or may be part of the assortment that is offered is created. Functionality: aesthetically display the articles and promote their sales. The function of the showcase is summed up in Latvia Phone Number aesthetically displaying the articles and promoting their sales. Through greater attention to the window display, the merchant will achieve an effective increase in his demand, retain his clientele, and obtain new customers (including manufacturers).

The function of the showcase is

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Through various investigations, it has been shown that a well-made window display is the one that sells the product. In durable consumer goods, the window display plays a greater role than in non-perishable consumer goods. But in any circumstance, the shop window is a conditioning factor of the purchase. Since its degree of attraction on the buyer will depend. On whether he enters the establishment and makes the purchase.

Own style or hallmark of the rest: the style of the showcase must be original and be based both. On the line of the product being marketed and on the brand and its positioning. The idea is that this style is remembered and the customer. Can easily identify a store or any branch of a store when it is immediately in sight. This is a key point in the not easy task of the window dresser. It is not always possible for our client not to mind purchasing products. From another alternative establishment with similarities to ours. Simplicity, direct and clear messages: this principle refers to simplicity in ideas and in

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