A great customer experience always begins with exceptional service, according to Joe Pine. Joe is the global marketing andclient experience Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a Senegal Phone Number List experience … . As the co-inventor of the term “experience economy”, he emphasizes the importance of creating memorable events for customers. At the invitation of Laurence Body , I received Joe at the end of 2018, a post that had escaped translation. In view of the importance of this post and this testimony, and in the current context of denigration of Amazon , I thought that this adaptation had its place.

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Customer Experience In Store

Events created in-store are intended to elevate the experience and increase the likelihood of an economic exchange. Today, our economy is an economy of experience , which means that events that engage customers in a personal way make possible the predominance of one economic offer over others.

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It is important to understand that the levels of the economy are built one after the other. Great experiences begin with great service, and those services build on goods. Goods are created from raw materials, which are the basis of the whole economy.

Joe Pine’s Perspective On The Experience Economy

Joe Pine is one of the inventors of the term “experiential economy”. Can you describe the five levels of the economy? There are five distinct economy offers. In the beginning there were the commodities, the basis of the agrarian economy – the things you cultivate in the land – then there were the physical goods. Manufacturers using commodities as raw materials to make products that were the basis of the industrial economy.

Then the second half of the twentieth century is transformed into a service economy where services become the predominant economic offer. Today we are in an experience economy where experiences (which are events that engage each person and in an intrinsically personal way and thus create a memory) become the predominant economic supply. This leads to the commoditization of goods and services.


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