For this first part of our dossier, I am going to dwell on the internet because it is a subject that I master. In addition, this subject is so transversal that it Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List 
it possible to tackle several themes. The self-help hack home-made web is dying. The web is becoming more professional and the experience of the last 15 years will I think in history be a milestone, a unique era, a bit like the Enlightenment …

We will remember this time as a breath of life when all beliefs, all models, or everything could be possible because the Internet or the open way had the capacity to transform companies, products, to change mentalities … In life in general we often observe this phenomenon of going back and forth between creation and destruction, in psychology we speak of the creation of identity / personality.

The “Friends Strangers”

The context isolates us but brings us a new typology of friends, “the friendly strangers” Milgram talks about familiar strangers, those people you meet every day while going to work, at your leisure … You meet these people every day in real life and yet you may never speak to them. The probability of coming into contact with them will be multiplied if you meet them outside of this familiar perimeter.

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On the web and social networks it’s the opposite, you can chat all day with foreign friends (friends strangers is my concept :). Social networks give the impression of having an increasingly familiar environment. The context in which we live: immediacy (the minute has become the benchmark of the value of information), hyper-connection (we get up looking at his Facebook, we work on the train), the hyper organization (the method is king and the tools for that numerous), the hyper-performance (the competition is hard), the hyper-family (we have more than 2 children on average), the hyper-celebrity (everything the world wants its moment of glory)… make us hyper-active people connected to the Internet and fed on GMOs.

Networks We Have No Private Life But A Social Life”

New types of relationship are emerging, there is certainly a real friendship between 2 Facebook friends who have never seen it or between 2 people who follow each other, “follow” each other on twitter. Effectively they have access to all of their “private” social lives on Facebook, to their brains via twitter and to their geolocations via foursquare and soon our iPlace.

We are therefore really friends, moreover it often happens to me to say “him I know him well” , whereas I have never seen him! We must accept this revolution of friendship while being careful not to forget his real friends, I also remember a Facebook status of Loïc Lemeur “my friends who are not on social networks I do not see them more “.

As with the familiar stranger, these virtual friends (“friends strangers”) become real acquaintances when you meet them outside of social media or even in real life. Even more when we see the percentage of couples created thanks to the Internet.

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