These days, having an online presence is a must. Ideally, a business should have a Greenland Email List , maintain a blog, and have a diligent social media presence. But this is not the end: the goal is obviously to make profits, it is important to measure the return on investment , whether on a website or on social networks.

The ROI (or return on investment, in marketing) is the measure of the benefits generated by the various marketing actions deployed , over a given time. In other words, a good return on investment (ROI) equates to a successful marketing campaign. But to succeed in these actions, there is no secret: obviously you have to try again and again! It is necessary to strategically test different approaches to assess what works or not: we then identify the most effective levers, to intelligently concentrate efforts.

Social Networks Are Levers!

Briefly, investing in social networks for a brand means having a satisfactory sympathy capital , that is to say having an irreproachable e-reputation in order to increase its community. The larger and more qualified the community, the more chance the brand has of generating future prospects and therefore of having an additional factor of making profits. But to be successful on social media, you have to know what works. This is why it is important to take into account certain metrics.

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In order to measure these efforts, it is essential to rely on the figures. I will focus here mainly on Facebook, because being the number 1 social network (even more in Reunion): this is where there are the greatest number of users. In addition, Facebook’s statistics tools are very powerful and allow quite extensive analysis.

The Statistics Of The Pages

The first factor to consider is the success factor es publication s and thus their scope. By definition, reach means the number of unique (no duplicate) people who have viewed content. The scope of publications derived from the quality of the publication, the number of reactions and sharing s but also the algorithm Facebook (one who determines what is displayed or not on the profiles of news of son).

Before embarking on targeted advertising, it’s important to analyze the results of one-page posts . These figures will be a starting point and will allow better targeting of users later. As you will have understood, the first step is to set one or more goals. The goal, what we are going towards: is to reach it (as long as we have to do it). I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it … Ok, I admit that this is not obvious: from the first lines of this article, ask you to talk about strategy (when you may not have had time to make yourself a coffee yet!), it’s rough. And yet, these few minutes, even a good quarter of an hour (or even half a day) it will be necessary to take it.

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