The community manager has become in recent years an increasingly popular profession whether abroad, in France and even in Reunion. Beyond the Dominica Email List that can be heard everywhere, this job is much more complex than it seems. All too often companies think that it is easy to implement this job outside, the CM (for community manager) must have several hats, it is a real job, it should only be assigned to interns Today in this article, we will take an overview of what constitutes the DNA of an effective community, but in Reunion more precisely.

New outsiders regularly try to enter the race by releasing their own application, but generally, they do not recruit enough users and just surf the ad effect (therefore a fad). For example, the La Cantine Toulouse newsletter (coworking space) is personalized according to the main subject.

The Day Before

The day before is an essential element in the routine of the CM. Indeed, it is through the day before that he will discover new information, find inspiration but also observe everything that is happening in the fields that interest him . It is important to watch what is happening with the competition!

Dominica Email List

To identify the competition there are different ways: Entering keywords on search engines, for example: spicy cooking recipe at the meeting On a page, Facebook directly offers competitor pages to watch in the statistics, but be careful when you add a page to watch, the owner is notified. o some keyword and hashtag research on Twitter / Instagram to discover branded content likely to compete with you, at the same time you will see how it communicates on these networks. Use tools / platforms to optimize information collection (Google Alerts, Mention, Hootsuite, Hubspot, etc.).

Content Creation

Thanks to assiduous monitoring and adequate tools , the CM is able to bounce back on current events, this is called newsjacking. If he has the skills, he can create content for the brand according to its needs. This can take several forms: graphic creation, content writing, etc. However, if a brand needs several skills that a freelance CM does not necessarily have, it is strongly recommended to call on an agency competent in the field.

Below is the example of the Asia Food Réunion brand on Facebook that bounces off the release of the film Kong Skull Island to make a visual postback from the film. So here are 8 practical tips to set up (or transform) a genuinely useful and read newsletter. Be careful, however, you must not produce content in order to produce it. Indeed, initially, a strategy must be clearly defined and properly implemented. The type of content, whether in substance or in form, will depend on your different targets. Hence the importance of establishing personas that match your brand . To correctly define this strategy, it is preferable to collaborate with competent professionals in the field, either internally or through services .

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