At Pouloulou we offer USA-Phone-Number-List food choices without fuss! We support consumers in making responsible choices about what they like, by developing a fun and educational dimension. So we want to be funny rather than moralizing, to make people laugh rather than to scare! We offer individuals and businesses products and services around responsible consumption. For example, we started our project with a hen adoption service: customers can name their hen and receive organic and extra fresh eggs each week from the henhouse where their hen lives! So we offer much more than an egg delivery service but a real eco-responsible experience around the hen. And now, what goals and ambitions for Pouloulou?

Thanks to this first service, we had our first customers… 300 customers in 3 months! But we faced some delivery logistics issues when scaling up. We therefore decided to branch out into other services. We have carried out a lot of experiments and we have clearly seen that there is an interest in Responsible Food; indeed, people feel a lack of meaning in their current mode of consumption: millions of references in stores, advertisements promoting mass consumption, often neglected customer services… While at the same time, customers have new ones. expectations and requirements on their consumption: have a positive impact on

And Now, What Goals And Ambitions

the planet, know the origin of the products they consume, Currently the organic market weighs € 5 billion on a total food market estimated at € 80 billion. However, its maturity level is only 50%. Not to mention new trends in alternative modes of consumption such as in vitro meat, urban agriculture, bulk… etc. There is therefore still a lot to do in this area and the demand is already very topical! To meet these new expectations, our long-term goal is to create a network of concept stores: the farm counters . We therefore want to educate everyone through educational and friendly workshops, events around responsible consumption. We will also offer eco-responsible grocery stores: transparent sourcing, products that are good


for health and good for the planet. Here are some great projects, how are you going to go about it? We rely on strong sourcing because it is the basis of our project; we will only have 300 references in the store (in comparison, an “organic is good” store has around 5000 references! we are not even talking about hypermarkets…) from suppliers that we have carefully selected. We will also establish a charter and above all create a close relationship with the breeders and suppliers with whom we work, because we consider them to be true partners. Then, we will carry out experiments to test our concept and it starts this week with our 1 st ephemeral place dedicated to responsible food! Doors open this Thursday , October 17 , for 3

Here Are Some Great Projects

weeks, so bring your strawberry! We will organize workshops for children and adults there, we will have more than 30 partners over the duration of the event, with conferences and round tables, and a responsible grocery store. This event is a real springboard for us, beyond testing our concept, it is also an opportunity to promote our products and services, and convince potential investors to support us. And which team is behind Pouloulou? Pouloulou is a trio of somewhat original associates; I did not know my two associates before launching Pouloulou! We met on a “start-up dating site”: Startup only! My two other associates had a plan to adopt chickens and they were looking for a third thief to embark on the adventure! We started

to work together on the mini projects, to get to know each other and it “matched”! We have been working together on our project for a year now and it is working very well. Why ? Because we have succeeded in putting in place what is fundamental in a relationship: trust and listening! We have set up a governance and a totally transparent working mode: one operational meeting per week, one afterwork per week or we are talking about something completely different from Pouloulou except two questions: what is going well and bad at the moment? In short, we tell each other everything every week, over a drink or a good meal! We

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