2022 has brought us the vaccine against the pandemic, changes of government in countries like Germany or the United States, the eruption of the La Palma volcano, a Barça without Messi… And many more events and events that have remained in our memory! We compile the best podcast episodes with the most relevant news of the year, and we invite you to review everything that 2021 has brought us with this audio summary. JANUARY 2021 started the same way 2020 ended, with the pandemic opening front pages, but with the start of a hopeful vaccination campaign. The Filomena storm sowed chaos in Spain, while globally, the news was the attempted coup in the United States.

Thus, on January 6, pro-Trump protesters took over the Capitol for several hours. A few days before the 20th. When Democrat Joe Biden was Estonia Phone Numbers inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. In terms of sports. It was a year since Kobe Bryant’s goodbye, a true basketball legend. Who was paid this heartfelt tribute from. Talking about the NBA. A Super Bowl that featured performances by artists such as Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd and Christina Aguilera.

2021 a Summary of the Year in Audio

Likewise, the 18th was a historic day for astronomy and research. NASA took another step forward in the mission to better understand the red planet. And managed to land the Perseverance robot on the surface of Mars. The popularizer Alex Riveiro explains it to us in Astrobitácora : MARCH In March, the blockage in the Suez Canal made headlines. Turning world trade upside down. On the musical level, the 63rd edition of the Grammy Awards took place. Where Beyoncé became the female artist with the most Grammys in history. 8M also marked the agenda of the big media, and we celebrate Women’s Day with this episode of Carne Cruda.

With four stories of anonymous but essential women. Who were in the front row during the pandemic: APRIL Former officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty. On April 20 of the May 2020 murder of George Floyd during his May 2020 arrest. In a landmark ruling, the 12-member jury held Chauvin responsible for all three charges. In the world of cinema, the 93rd edition of the Oscar Awards was held on the 26th, where Nomeland was the great winner. We review the gala, its anecdotes and winners with CineActual : MAY From 18 to 21, the 65th edition of Eurovision took place in Rotterdam, where Måneskin with his song ‘ Zitti E Buoni ‘ won Italy’s third victory in this contest.

It Was Also the 10th Anniversary

However, May was a month marke by international tensions. The conflict between Israel and Palestine was amplified. And the Islamist group Hamas and the Israeli Army staged a harsh confrontation that lasted 11 days. On the other hand, in Colombia thousands of people took to the streets in protests that resulted in more than 50 dead. With Pau Ninja ‘s podcast we know its whys and all the context: JUNE On June 11. The 47th edition of the Copa América began in Brazil, where Argentina returned to reign after defeating. The host in Rio de Janeiro. In the political sphere, the G7 summit was held, where world leaders discusse important issues such. As COVID-19, pandemic preparedness or economic recovery.

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