We are on a niche Poland Phone Number List  so if we don’t contextualize, we don’t understand much. Initially, there was little exchange of measurements in the energy world for two main reasons: There was only one actor : EDF-GDF therefore contractual relations only between the institutional actor and consumers The network returned only a few measurements : load curves (one measurement every ten minutes) for the top of the portfolio, indexes (one measurement per month, or even per quarter) for the mass market. With smart meters (smart metering), we move to a “democratization of the load curve”: one measurement every 10 minutes for

everyone, so there is a volume effect The opening up of the market and the switch to Smart Grid had several consequences: The dismantling of the historic player into six entities : Two transmission system operators: RTE for electricity, GRTgaz for gas Two distribution network operators: Enedis (ex-ErDF) for electricity, GRDF for gas Two suppliers: EDF for electricity, GDF, then GDF Suez, then Engie for gas The multiplication of players : suppliers, balance managers, flexibility players, etc. This proliferation of players has led to an increase in contractual relations The generation of a multitude of data thanks to the intelligent network symbolized by smart meters in particular (smart metering: Linky for electricity and Gazpar for gas).

How Did You Start The Project

These new counters communicate in both directions and above all make it possible to acquire finer measurements than before. The different players in the world of electricity. The different players in the world of electricity.  Naelis Thomas, Joël and I have been working in this context for more than twenty years and more specifically on everything relating to the use of energy measurement data in information systems. All the projects in which we participated began with a phase of definition and design of transversal concepts: Load curves, indexes, time-of-season breakdowns (summer / winter, peak hours / off-peak hours, peak) …


Management of periodicity (5 ‘, 10’, 15 ‘, 20’, 30 ‘…), rounding, summer / winter time change Energy calculations from powers, powers from energies, monotones … The Novae tool fits into the existing functional architecture. The Novae tool fits into the existing functional architecture of client companies.  Naelis It seemed necessary to us to build a tool which would take into account the basic elements in terms of concept or functionalities for all actors . To come back to the initial question, the problem we therefore wanted to answer is to derive value from the energy measurement data . We have developed a tool that

Naelis Today? Development Prospects

uses measurement data across the board . We intend to use this base to develop specific uses. History proves us right. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has established perspectives on the management of measurement data that confirm our vision and validate our choices. What concept do you propose to answer it? In order to be able to use the data, we edited software, Novae, which is in fact a calculation engine . But what is the interest of a calculation engine? It is being able to derive value from digital data. Novae allows you to interactively build complex calculation formulas and obtain results

immediately. So there are multiple contexts in which Novae can be used for a multitude of use cases. We are obviously talking about new commercial offers, but beyond new services . And this is where the main sources of business lie. How did you start the project? We are three founders, all from the world of energy (electricity and gas) and specializing in the management of measurement data. At the start, each of us led our own thinking and pushed our ideas towards our management. Each of us had a desire for entrepreneurship but not necessarily for independence. It is the lack of will and support in our respective

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