The fundamentals of community management are simple, at least in appearance. Listen, converse, be useful to others. It all sounds pretty easy. And yet … Fortunately, Martine Le Jossec , consultant and trainer in digital communication and more particularly in social media, noticed in the field that the Covid-19 crisis had tended to strengthen Community Management’s return to these fundamentals . Looking back on a troubled period, which can however force us to improve and move forward.

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The Covid-19 Reminded Us Of The Fundamentals Of Community Management

We ask Community Managers to be more and more multitasking
They must be both managers and animators. But if we come back to the fundamentals of Community Management, they must quite simply animate a community. How, with Community Management, can a brand engage in conversation with its communities? How can it be of use to them? How can it interest them and bring them added value? Why do we say Community Management, “management” of communities, and not “animation” of communities?

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It’s a question I’ve always asked myself. In fact, I think it is a mistake. Social media manager or community leader corresponds much better to the reality of what Community Management is as I see it. Community Management is already a strategy developed to start a conversation, to discuss, to exchange with the communities It’s not just a matter of jabbing a bunch of posts and articles on social media where we’re going to talk about the brand.

The Community Will Depend On The Objective We Set And Who We Want To Target

Do we want to work only on notoriety which, let us remember, is nevertheless the first objective of Community Management? A second very important and sometimes overlooked objective is loyalty and recommendation .When we are a brand and we do Community Management, we will talk very little about ourselves, but rather about important and interesting subjects for our communities.

For example, if you are an automobile brand, it is clear that customers buy a car once every five years at best. What do we do with these clients for five years? In fact, Community Management has helped us to keep in touch with our customers for five years, by giving them advice on the maintenance of their car, on eco-responsible driving.

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