This is what Grammarly looks like when opened in a blog post within Chrome This is what Grammarly looks like when opened in a blog post within Chrome That’s why Grammarly is our recommendation for this. Free alternatives: You can achieve similar results with free tools by combining a spell checker with the free online version of the Hemingway app: just paste your text and follow its recommendations. However, this process does not give you the advanced grammar checking capabilities of Grammarly and is much more time consuming. Another alternative is the Expresso app, another online app that works similar to Hemingway. Expresso misses the actual recommendations, but uses similar analytics features as the Hemingway app.

Canvas In the early days of blogging, you could post post after post after you finished writing. Today, with attention spans of mere seconds, you need to keep your audience engaged. One thing to do this is to include graphics in your post. These can often be screenshots or statistics taken directly from MS Excel. But sometimes you need something more. Maybe a small infographic, for example. Also, social media has become more and more focused on images: without attractive images, you don’t stand a chance on Pinterest, for example. And even Facebook and Twitter referrals will improve a lot if you use optimized images on these networks.

Not Too Long Ago

Images that worked well on these networks were hard to come by: you needed to know tools like Photoshop or hire a designer to create your images. Enter Canva – another tool you can use for free! Canva allows you to create images that appear to have been “designed” simply by dragging and Iran phone number dropping images. You can use their pre-made templates and swap elements, or you can start from scratch. It also comes with predefined sizes for 99% of blogging use cases. Tools for Canva Blogging Success canvas in action It’s hard to describe how efficient Canva is – you have to experience it! But the combination of the easy to use concept combined with its many options to “styling” make it a must have tool for bloggers.

Iran Phone Number

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your posts for search engine traffic. Once installed, it shows how well optimized each post is on a scale of 1 to 3 (Red, Yellow, Green), allows you to enter a focus keyword (for optimization), and gives you suggestions on how to improve post optimization. your search engine. You can also edit your search engine snippet, post URL, and even Facebook meta tags. Yoast Tools for Blogging Success yoast in action Yoast SEO may be the easiest to start doing some SEO on your blog. You still need to do your own keyword research through other tools, but once you know your keyword.

All Optimization Can Be Done

With the help of Yoast! 6. Blog Idea Generators and Headline Optimizers This one is hard. This is not just one tool, it is many tools. And they often don’t work as intended, but you should probably be using them anyway. However, good headlines can almost single-handedly make a blog successful. Whether people click on your post largely depends on the actual title. Not the inner content, the headline. There are many different blog title generation and title optimization tools that you can use to find great titles for your blog. Let’s get started with the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator. Hubspot – Success Blogging Tools Hubspot Idea Generator.

As you can see from the screenshot, some of the suggestions are less than helpful. I put in all three nouns: “Tools”, “Blogging” and “Success” to see if it would give me a good title choice for this post, and it didn’t. But I came up with at least 2 other titles that I might write posts about in the future (with slight adjustments to the title). As a brainstorming tool, it may not be perfect, but it’s useful! So, I’m not there for a title for this post yet, but I have the boring title “11 Tools for Blogging Success” in mind. Let’s see how Coschedule’s Headline Optimizer can help. Holder Blot Tools Success Headline Optimizer.  As you can see from the screenshot, using your tips, I ended up with “11 Tremendous Tools Bloggers Use for Sure Success”.

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