During the second edition of Forrester Trends 2020 organized in partnership with Adobe in Paris on February 4, 2020, Thomas Husson , VP and Russia WhatsApp Number List analyst at Forrester insisted on the need, especially in France where customers are not impressed by the quality of the customer service, improve the enhancement of theclient experience

Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience … enterprises. This will be done, according to the analysis firm, by urging brands to industrialize theinnovation
Innovation ranges from understanding (intuitive or not) of buyer’s behavior to the ability to … , but also to develop the employee experience and infuse the logic of the customer experience.

The Value Of The Customer Experience At The Center Of 21st Century Marketing: Back To The Future

To hear Thomas, with whom we can only agree, it would be necessary to bring back to life the good old Aristide Boucicaut who had already, at the middle of the 19th century, invented and implemented all these principles. David Truog’s presentation on the customer experience barometer delivered by Forrester helped put some numbers to these conclusions. A kind of reminder in a way, after the personal and intuitive explanations of David Bowles.

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For this second edition, around twenty speakers were invited to deliver their testimonials and feedback, as well as a large panel of journalists and influencers including Visionary Marketing. Here is my report from the first part of the conference on the morning of February 4th. CAC 40 companies are too cautious and do not work enough on their culture Thomas Husson opened the conference with a sweep of the main trends – and what is more original, non-trends – for the customer experience in 2020:

“we Will Have To Learn To Work With Robots”.

But there are also “non-trends”: 5G smartphones seen at CES, because “5G is an infrastructure issue, but still a niche subject for customers, and it is not a marketing issue. ‘client experience “. This has also been corroborated by France Heringer Jallot of Orange. The same goes for foldable mobile screens or virtual reality headsets that Forrester sees as niche innovations.

1/5 of the marketing budget is dedicated to martech and adtech and 20% of this 20% (4% in total) with a growth of 10%. Despite this, Forrester believes that the technology is not the issue. The priorities according to the study conducted by Forrester are 1) revenue growth 2) improving the customer experience (CX) 3) improving products and services. This will force the role of marketing to evolve, which is a discipline that is becoming fragmented, even if a minority of marketing directors will realize this evolution. The critical issue remains to demonstrate the value of the CX , Thomas Husson reminded us.

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