“Crap” yes, that’s what you think. We wouldn’t dare say the word in French, but that’s it. The Sweden WhatsApp Number List threat to your content B2B. In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … is not its length (a recurring chimera of discussions on web content: “It’s too long”, ” nobody is going to read this “, you need ” snackable content ” because ” people have goldfish attention »…).

This is not its form, another obsession with content learners (content can take any form, and all tools are good to take). All of this is not only outdated, it has never been true . B2B content marketing
Crap: The poor quality of your B2B content marketing could just kill it – an unmistakable presentation by Doug Kessler.

The Biggest Threat To Your B2b Marketing Content: Its Poor Quality

So what’s the biggest threat to your B2B content marketing
In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and … ? The poor quality of this content, quite simply. And this is what Doug Kessler of the London agency Velocity Partners brilliantly demonstrated in a brilliant and impactful presentation entitled “CRAP”, which I discovered thanks to a sharing by Cédric Jeanblanc .

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The speech is direct. It is also very striking and very true. At a time when 9 out of 10 marketers (I quote) have discovered content marketing (although invented in the 19th century, probably by John Deere ), clichés and preconceived ideas about content have never been so widespread.

If Your Content Dissolves In The Mass …

The contents accumulate, resemble each other to the point of dissolving in the mass and never coming out. Kessler’s proof is unstoppable. I summarize it here in a few slides. But I advise you to read it in full. (1) First and foremost, as content marketing goes mainstream, there is an increased search for talent. In B2B this is really a problem because to practice content marketing well in B2B, you have to know the context (be careful, this does not mean that you are “expert”, but you have to be at least able to talk to experts and decode them).

I know we’ve been told that the robots will write the text for us, and the world is full of writers willing to go to bed for less than that to write. After all, writing is easy, right? You just need to know how to write. Everyone can do it. No actually, not everyone can. It’s a job. And content marketer is a very specific profession. Certainly with a dose of journalistic practice, but not only. There is even a little technique. In short, a profession.

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