We are happy to announce that we have expanded our family of iVoox Originals to 165 exclusive free podcasts on various topics. It is the largest catalog in the world of the Spanish-speaking podcast . An initiative to professionalize your content In a booming market that has an offer of more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes –according to the Podcast Insight 2020 report– , differentiating oneself is the great challenge for content creators, who must bet on platforms of success that help them reach loyal audiences. In this context, our commitment is to iVoox Originals, the initiative with which we accompany you and help you professionalize your content , ensuring listeners and a committed community, which will allow you to monetize your content.

With iVoox Originals you can multiply your podcast audience by up to 1,000 , and we offer you 360% representation, at a commercial, distribution and monetization level. We carry out the work of a record label, and we are at your side to achieve Finland Phone Number personalized campaigns with sponsorships and branded content actions with related brands that are integrated into your content . We are happy to announce that we have achieved shares of great brands such as Netflix, Disney + or RBA! Live from your passion Podcasts that are part of iVoox Originals get Accelerator Actions that help them grow and retain their audience.

We continue to take steps

However, creator receives personalized support from the content team. And we work individually on ad hoc actions to reach a higher level. This range of actions is added to the rest of the possibilities to monetize in iVoox, such as the Subscriptions. Fans crowdfunding program, where the support collected already exceeds one million euros. As well as its recent evolution, which is iVoox Plus: a subscription unique with access to all exclusive content. Premium features, Netflix style. The professionalization of the podcast is a reality at iVoox. And some content creators already make a living from it , through our different monetization proposals.

A diverse and quality offer We have expanded our iVoox Originals grid with 36 new podcasts selected by our editorial team so that you can enjoy the best content. In a booming sector, more and more new players are entering the world of podcasts. However, example is BCC Digital, the leading agency in the promotion of the most prominent. The Spanish-speaking world, which is in charge of producing one of the outstanding incorporations of iVoox Original. However, with Silvia Leal , the podcast where the international expert and popularizer brings us the keys to understanding the post-COVID future.

To professionalize the world

However, has years of experience and incorporates rigorous information on classic and current video games. Summary of the South is the podcast with which you can understand. What is happening in the world and geopolitical news. However, Vecinas de Arriba is a humor program with which you will see life in a different way. For history lovers, two great options are La Tortulia , the podcast with which to learn in a casual way; or Medievalia ; dedicated to recounting the Middle Ages. And if mystery and secrets at midnight are your thing, you can’t miss La Catedral Atroz. However, de Ánimas and Luna de Lobos . Your daily meditation. Feeling , Restless and You decide how you want to be are the ideal podcasts. Get to know yourself and find your inner peace.

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