On the one hand Brazil WhatsApp Number List results (SEO), and on the other, paid results (SEA) also called sponsored ads. seo-vs-sea agency 90 Organic search results When we talk about organic results, which also refer to SEO results, correspond to results whose display is 100% based on relevance and quality. It is not possible to pay anything to Google or any other search engine in order to appear higher in the organic results. Google’s search engine ranks its organic results according to 200 different positioning factors.

These results are perceived by the search engine as the web pages that it will judge as relevant, qualitative and authoritative on the topic. results-organic-best-quality seo More details are provided later in this article regarding how the search engine algorithm works. But for now, the important thing to keep in mind is that when we talk about SEO, it’s all about ranking a site’s pages higher in organic results. Paid results Paid results are advertisements (for which you pay) that appear at the top or bottom of the natural / organic results. display-results-paid sea It is important to remember that paid results are completely independent of organic results. Ads in the paid portion of the results are displayed relative to the cost you will be willing to allocate for each click generated by a visitor.

Google Analyzes Its Index Composed Of Several Billion Results

How does Google identify and choose the most relevant result? Although Google does not make public the workings and the precise functioning of its crawl robot as well as the algorithm used, the information officially communicated by the Mountain View firm and the strategies applied for years by SEO specialists make it possible to ” identify the main positioning factors on which the engine is based to rank its results. Relevance When writing “lemon pie recipe” in the Google search bar, you’re not looking to see more than culinary information.


This is the reason why Google primarily searches for web pages that really correlate with your query. However, Google doesn’t just show the pages it considers most informative and relevant at the top of its results. This is why millions, and sometimes billions of quality pages judged to be relevant are generated for every search phrase. This is why the expression “lemon tart recipe” generates 15,000,000 results in Google. recipe-lemon-pie-serp seo To rank all these results and display the best at the top of the first page, the algorithm is based on three other elements. Authority (or popularity) In SEO, the term “authority” speaks for itself: it is the means that Google uses to identify if your web content published on a page is popular, verified and approved by trusted sites.

Web Pages In Order To Find A Set Of Results That Will Provide

However, how does Google judge a web page to be authoritative on the web? Google analyzes the number of pages on the web that include a link pointing to this page, as well as their quality. authority-page-seo agency 90 Links from other pages are also called backlinks . In the majority of cases, the more quality links your web page receives, the more visible it will be in organic results. number-backlinks-quality seo Moreover, the fact that Google measures the popularity of a page according to the links received is a parameter that differentiates it from other engines including Yahoo, which appeared before the Mountain View firm.

Utility Web content can be considered popular, trustworthy and relevant. However, if a content is useless for the Internet user, Google will not see fit to position it in the first results of its index. In fact, Google has publicly announced that it makes a clear difference between “qualitative content” and “useful” content. Good content is not necessarily useful content for the reader. Let’s take an example. If you type “paleo diet” in Google. You click the result that appears first (Result A) which is written by the most reputable expert on the paleo diet.

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