For you, who love to laugh, comedy and monologues , then we leave you with the best humor podcasts . Hit play and have a fun time listening to great comedians like Andreu Buenafuente, Ángel Martín or Inés Hernand. The best humor podcasts you can find: nobody knows nothing In this El Terrat production we find the best monologues and the always refined humor of two phenomena that need no introduction: Berto Romero and Andreu Buenafuente. nobody knows nothing Concept Meaning With Concept Sense the days are happier. This entertaining gathering brings concepts to the table and places them in contexts as disparate as music, cinema or technology.

Be careful it hooks! Concept Meaning Clowns and Fire In ‘Clowns and Fire’ we can enjoy the most casual talks between two comedians who play in the first division: Inés Hernand and Ignatius Farray. Essential podcast! Clowns and Fire the future Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers was better Pau Garcia-Milà and Rafa Pons discuss in this podcast whether technology has made things better or worse and, as always, they accompany their episodes with good humour. Do not miss it! the future was better Modern life David Broncano, Ingatius Farray and Quequé bring you the most irreverent content of the moment. Enjoy this program from La SER that has changed radio nights! Modern life backpack to the past Time travel, humor and historical disclosure.

More Than 500 Podcasts Participated

You need more? With Alberto Aparici and Danny Boy Rivera we travel to past times with famous guests. What five things would Javier Coronas, Toni Acosta or Jorge Ponce carry in their backpack in order to survive? Find out! backpack to the past everyday mysteries Ángel Martín and José Lozano delight us with a podcast that combines mystery and paranormal phenomena with large doses of humor and sarcasm. All a fix in our player, everyday mysteries the3brothers-in-law We could define a brother-in-law as a person who claims to know everything and complains a lot. Follow this podcast and remember your brothers-in-law when you listen to their episodes! the3brothers-in-law Everything happens ‘Todo Pasa’ is Andreu Buenafuente’s most personal project.

A walk next to him with which we know the daily life of the producer, presenter, comedian and person. Everything happens The ruin In this show Tomàs Fuentes and Ignasi Taltavull comment on the worst anecdote of the people who come to the program from the public, and the most miserable story wins a prize . Are you going to miss it? We already have the winners of the iVoox Audience Awards 2021! Yesterday was a very special day, and in an online gala full of surprises. We presented the awards to the winners. This was the iVoox awards: It is a unique awards ceremony that gives visibility and recognition to the podcasts that make up its community, since the listeners are the ones who choose the winners . Each edition has more participation and monitoring by the audience.

The Contest and More Than 30,000 Listeners

This year, after the break due to the pandemic. However, have once again celebrated the awards ceremony, for the first time in an online gala. However, was presented by the well-known broadcaster Juanma Ortega . In addition, the eight winners of the IV Edition of the iVoox Audience Awards were also present, one for each of its categories. More than 500 podcasts participated in the contest , and more than 30,000 listeners voted. These were the winners! News and Society With 1,961 votes, in the News and Society category, the winner. The popular political and economic analysis podcast La ContraCrónica by Fernando Díaz Villanueva.

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