Choose your photo well It may be a detail for you, but for Internet users it means a lot. The profile picture will contribute to the first impression you leave. It is Thailand Email List important to take care of it. It must be professional. Your selfie at the beach might be awesome, but its place is more on Instagram than it is on Linkedin.

The main thing is not that you like the photo, but that your contacts find it professional. Photofeeler allows you to upload photos and have them evaluated by Internet users, who judge whether it gives the impression of being competent, engaging and influential. What does the collaborative economy represent for you? What do you think of “uberization”? It’s difficult to define the collaborative economy. I was recently with Pascal Terrasse, the deputy in charge of the report on the collaborative economy for the Prime Minister. He had an interesting formula: ” The collaborative economy is the economy which replaces the verb to have by the verb to be” . It is an economy with a strong virtuous aspect.

Take Care Of Your Profile

To find customers on LinkedIn, it’s important to let your prospects know who you are. For this, a perfectly completed profile is essential. It will be both your CV and your business card, make it attractive ! Fill in all the fields, paying special attention to each one. Your summary allows you to humanize your profile and say a little more about you, your passions and your personality. Do not hesitate to place keywords in your title (not to be confused with the current post), you will appear more easily in searches.

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In the “ professional experiences ” part, be as precise and convincing as possible. Use numbers and evidence. You produced a white paper, show it! Thoroughly detail your daily actions and successes.
While it’s legitimate to be careful on other social networks, don’t be shy on Linkedin. Leave your contact details so that your prospects can contact you. They should be able to get to your site or send you an email easily.

Share Relevant Content

In an ideal world, “ relevant content ” would be a pleonasm. But this is still far from being the case. It is not enough to have a large network, you must then be active, demonstrate your expertise and interest your contacts. It’s up to you to find or produce content with high added value. A word of advice, don’t just curate and share without adding your personal touch. To give more meaning to the content you share, you have to comment on it or illustrate it.

Curation is good, but content production is better! Feel free to share your blog articles and / or add them to articles on LinkedIn by adding a link to your site. You will spark the interest of your contacts and lead them to your site. As your content is of high quality, it will be “liked” and shared. It will thus be visible beyond your network, to potential new prospects. Last note, Linkedin is not Twitter. If there are no rules set in stone, stay alert to the number of posts you make. Too many posts and presence risks annoying and being perceived as spam and therefore be counterproductive.

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