Twitter is a powerful social network that regularly makes the headlines. This is mainly because it is the preferred channel for VIPs to share their opinions. Their reactions are often picked up by the media, thus Switzerland Email Database a buzz. The network is however still relatively little used in Reunion, it can nevertheless prove to be effective and powerful in a well-prepared strategy. You are lost ? Don’t panic, I offer you the basics to understand Twitter.

Changing the way you present your business or services is not easy. It is also often a difficult challenge to meet. But once you take the process, it seems like the most logical approach to canvassing prospects. Of course you can be accompanied to set up such a reflection.

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Add Visual Content To Your Tweets

A tweet : this is a message of 280 characters maximum. It will be broadcast to your community but also to those who follow the hashtags you have used. ReTweet or RT : This is an action that consists of reposting a Tweet from your profile and thus making it visible to your community. You can (and I encourage you to) leave a comment to give context to this replay. Hashtag : The hashtag is a keyword used to mark or display in a distinctive way a subject or an idea in a tweet. Made up of the hash symbol followed by a word, they are to be chosen with care. This is how you will reach people interested in your themes and outside your network. Remember, however, that Twitter is able to recognize keywords in a tweet without using a hashtag.
Trending Topic :

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This refers to the hottest topics on Twitter right now. That is to say the subjects mentioned by a large number of people in the same time interval. They can be identified by a hashtag (#BalanceTonPorc) or by a common keyword (name and first name of a personality for example). A ranking of the most discussed topics is available on the home page of your account.

Submit Your Content

By offering your own content , you will position yourself as an expert in your industry. White paper, blog article, infographic, video, … Make a tweet of each of your content . But don’t stop at the content you produce, curation has a place on Twitter too, just as long as you add your twist to it . A remark, a criticism, an anecdote, … go beyond the simple sharing of information. Involve influencers
Make a list of potential influencers: these are people who are likely to share your posts with a large audience. You will also need to be interested in their own publications, by sharing them in turn, by commenting on them. On Twitter, interaction is king .

You now have the basics to become a good tweeter. It’s up to you to integrate it correctly into your digital strategy. Does that still seem complicated to you? Do not hesitate to call on a specialized agency. To help you surround yourself well, we have prepared a white paper on “choosing the right digital marketing agency”, it is very practical and in addition, it is free!

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