In the “content marketing” family, I name the “American method”, the new book by Karine Abbou , who came especially from Florida to tell us about her book and her content marketing philosophy. I Uganda Phone Number List her on this podcast where she rightly puts inbound marketing in its proper place, to better showcase content marketing itself. Back to basics with the American method, described in his book , prefaced by Joe Pulizzi himself. Note also that Karine is also releasing a newsletter to serve as a “source of inspiration for French marketers”.

Today, if I am French, I need a .com to go to international markets. On the other hand, I also like the .fr and I have more confidence in the European extensions which are still managed by people who represent us. The images also have an impact on the number of RTs. After examining 500,000 tweets containing a photo, some rather surprising findings:

Content Marketing Or Inbound Marketing? The American Method

It’s a good question ! This is left somewhat to the discretion of marketing professionals in general, who decide under which banner they want to market themselves. If we ask the question, it is because we consider that there may be differences . I always considered that there was a subtle vocabulary, but words having a meaning, if you want to call a spade a spade, it is better to try to know what you are selling and how you the fact.

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Content marketing for me reflects the economic trend of using content to help a brand’s digital transformation. Content marketing, the American method, with Karine Abbou Inbound marketing, it must be remembered, is the marketing expression chosen by two brilliant founders of HubSpot to mark their techno platform . But ultimately, by choosing the term inbound, they used content marketing to develop and market their platform.

In France, There Is Confusion Between All The Terms

In the United States , if you do a quick Google Trends on all three terms, the one that is exploding and all of the companies and agencies are doing, that’s content marketing . They are looking for chief content officers, content marketing officers, etc. This is clearly the trend. What they do wonderfully is a benchmark, the platform is fantastic.

I only say good things about HubSpot, but, and I talk about it in my book, it’s kind of the sprinkler sprinkled.
Inbound marketing is still this concept invented by the founders of HubSpot. And it is also, I find, very marked SEO . Tweets containing images uploaded through Twitter’s native system ( were twice as likely to be Retweeted; Tweets containing a Twitpic image have a 60% higher Retweet potential than tweets that do not contain one; Tweets with an Instagram link are 42% less likely to be Retweeted, and those with a Facebook link are even worse off with – 47% Interesting how using competing platforms decreases the viral potential of a tweet , isn’t it? We now know what to expect …

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