With the abandonment of cookies, the arrival of Floc, the development of AI, will the future of digital marketing be a long quiet river? Nothing is further from the truth in my humble opinion. And that’s even a Norfolk Island Email List thing because the return to First Party Data will put marketing back on the right track. A few weeks ago, we spoke with Nicolas Babin and Olivier Saint Léger , as part of the Adobe Summit. This has given rise to a number of publicationsthat you can find on this site.

At the end of this intervention, we concluded with a rather informal exchange on LinkedIn. In view of the messages that we wanted to convey in this live, it seemed important to me to come back to it here and to publish it in a more obvious way. Because at the end of the day, what we discussed with Nicolas is neither more nor less than the future of digital marketing. It is therefore well worth spending a few minutes there.

The Future Of Digital Marketing In A Cookie-free Environment

Get to the cookies! As the world of marketing prepares to live in a world without third-party cookies, it will have to relearn the right recipes. Like those of First Party Data for example, certainly not as appetizing as these pretty macaroons, but hey … Here is a transcription of this live, with the various interventions of Olivier and Nicolas.

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Live feedback Adobe Summit 2021
Olivier Saint Léger : Welcome to this live “Adobe Summit 2021 feedback”. To introduce yourself quickly, Yann, you are a full-stack marketer and at the head of the Visionary Marketing media. On your side of Nicolas, you have always been a consultant specializing in gamification,innovation Innovation ranges from understanding (intuitive or not) of buyer’s behavior to the ability to …

The Future Of Digital Marketing In A Cookie-free Environment

Yann Gourvennec: With Nicolas we should find ourselves on more or less the same subjects which will inevitably revolve around personalization, which was the main theme of the event. I would like to come back first of all to this world without cookies which is being prepared. I will indulge in a summary of the previous episodes. The GDPR was put in place in May 2018. Well, at least, we tried to put it in place.

And since that time a lot of companies have been running around like headless chickens to try to set up and try to make it work properly. Then the directives on cookies were reinforced. There was the first in 2012. There are more and more demanding until the ePrivacy law , which becomes more restrictive. We often forget, it’s not just the GDPR.

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