Do you know the “statistics” tab of Facebook? It is very comprehensive, perhaps too much for some. All those numbers, words and Somalia Email List can be scary. They are however necessary for a good follow-up of your results. Well used, statistics will be a precious tool for the good management of your social networks. On the sole condition of avoiding these few traps that I reveal to you below.

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Do Not Follow Your Statistics

It may seem simplistic, but many companies do not or very little follow the statistics of their social networks. For the most part, these companies have not realized the importance of this communication lever. I’ll spare you the Sermon on the Mount, but today (and for a while, in fact) it’s not enough just to be there. Your digital communication must have an objective and the ROI be measurable. But how do you know if you are reaching your goals, if you are not keeping track of the statistics that correspond to them?

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Choose Indicators Unsuitable For Your Objectives

As Otis would say, there are no “good” or “bad” indicators. It will mainly be a question of choosing those which best correspond to your main objective . If you want to increase your notoriety, then reach is what will interest you. If you want to convert fans to customers, you will control the number of clicks. If you want to retain your customers, you will be tracking your community’s engagement.

III / Give too much importance to the number of fans
The number of fans taken alone doesn’t mean much. Today it is possible to buy tens of thousands of fans, but we VERY strongly advise against it. The commitment of this hard-earned community to the toil of your credit card will be very low, if not zero. There is no point in posting content if those who see it have no interest in it. In addition, a page with a very large community that is not engaged will be judged by Facebook as uninteresting and therefore penalized. So, when faced with a page with a large number of fans, it will be difficult to draw conclusions if you don’t know the engagement rate. Keep in mind that a community of engaged fans takes time, work and quality content .

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