This article was written by Guillaume Payet who speaks as a guest author on our blog. At the end of the year, everyone is telling you what it will be Uk Email List to do in 2018 in terms of natural referencing (also called SEO in English). But before talking to you about what to do tomorrow, it seems useful to me to recall what it is necessary to have already done today .

Many jump into the latest “SEO novelties” without having already applied the basics. Everyone wants to see their site appear in the top 3 results (which I remind you generate 60% of clicks) when you type in the keywords on Google. But to work there, a solution: respect the 4 commandments of natural referencing !


Your Metas Tags You Will Optimize

These are the basic elements that will tell search engines what your pages are. We are basically talking about the titles and descriptions that you will see appear in Google. These are simply the outlines of your pages . Basic you will tell me… And yet we very often observe errors at this stage: titles or descriptions too long, too short, duplicated on several pages, brand name too present in the titles; etc. And with Google, errors are sometimes expensive (we are sent far in the ranking on the results) …

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The content seems a simple step to make. But it’s not about writing a ton of words just to have textual quantity. It is also necessary to have a wealth of content in the theme of the page , hierarchized correctly with the titles and the sub-titles (tag “h”). Everything must be perfectly detected by Google, which will know the difference between junk and clean, organized and semantically rich content.

We will not talk about keyword stuffing because the opposite effect will occur i search engine results. This is called over- optimization, and it is heavily penalized by Google ! Bonus: When we talk about content, we often forget about images and videos . However, by entering their title in particular, Google can detect them and know what they are talking about (and therefore enrich your theme).

A Keyword Strategy You Will Have

Any optimization of the meta (tags) of the content or images is of little use if you haven’t defined an effective keyword strategy. We must thus define a list of terms on which we will seek to position ourselves . To make this choice, it is necessary to know on the one hand the real requests on Google, and on the other hand to master the issues of your personas , your targets.

Warning: we generally tend to focus on a generic keyword when we can work much broader. It is moreover by targeting a set of keywords searched on our theme that we can increase traffic (attract more visitors) and consequently boost the interest of our website. Take the example of a person wishing to be referenced as a community manager. He will not stop at the term “community manager”. It will be necessary to use an extended list of keywords: “animate a facebook page”, “community management”, “social network management”, etc.

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