This article was written by Guillaume Payet who speaks as a guest author on our blog. As in 2017, the web will integrate millions of sites again in 2018, UAE Email List hundreds probably in Réunion. This will make the work of positioning in search engines more and more difficult. To stand out, it will therefore be necessary to know how to make a difference and for that, I offer you three levers to get there.

Challenge n ° 1: Become an expert in your topic
For Google, content remains king. To make a difference, it will therefore be necessary to create quality content that will bring more to your site, and especially more to your visitors . The site of a Gîte à Cilaos could only talk about its prices, its rooms, or its photos. But it could also gradually deal with all the thematic around (such as local tourism, sustainable development or digital marketing). This would make it more visible, more visited, and better classified. Google will soon notice its effort to cover the entire theme. He will thus have become an expert in the eyes of the search engine, which will greatly influence his ranking. Now it’s up to you to define what results you want to achieve through your strategy.

Issue n ° 2 Local SEO

The Ilet à Cord gîte site is the best classified for the search for “Cilaos gîte” (excluding Airbnb and booking type search engine sites). It is not satisfied with being a showcase site and deals with the whole of its theme. Many sites today have the base, some have even optimized everything well. But few sites have become experts in their theme to make a difference … even less in Reunion! What is called the local pack is the map that appears as soon as you do a search associated with a locality. This is an update from Google with an appearance in Réunion since August 2016.

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It is of course tempting to answer: “I want the best possible results”. But you need to be able to define very precisely what “the best” means and to what extent that will be “possible.” If you’ve ever heard of the acronym SMART (for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) , you may know that this is a methodology that allows you to define clear objectives for your strategy. Do not hesitate to use it in order to avoid targeting for example 100,000 fans on your Facebook page when all of your competitors have barely 5,000.

Issue N ° 3 Quality Links To Your Site

This new issue not yet well known enough in Réunion can be a lever for your positioning in 2018. It will be necessary to be well present on Google Mybusiness, but especially to link your file to your site, to solicit your customers so that they put opinions. This will help you get ahead of your competition. Bonus: Google is testing generic localized searches. For example, by looking for “Restaurant” when I am in Saint-Pierre, it will give me consistent results in the map even if I did not put “Restaurant Saint Pierre”.

This is one of the most difficult aspects of getting quality links to your site. A quality link is already a site with quality in itself overall. Find sites with a theme related to yours or at least to a category. A link from this kind of site (usually a blog) can improve your notoriety for the engines. Having partner blogs or the like and regularly linking to your site is a great long term strategy.

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