The homepage of your website serves many South Korea Mobile Number different purposes. It’s the page where you welcome people to your website, where you want to highlight your most important stuff, and from where users can navigate to your other pages. That’s why it’s important to spend enough time optimizing your homepage. But should you also optimize your homepage to make sure it shows up when people search for your most important keywords? Is that what homepage SEO is all about? That’s what we want to dive into with this blog post.

What we mean by homepage SEO

The process of optimizing your homepage for Google, or any other search engine, could be called homepage SEO. Now here’s the tricky bit. Because South Korea Mobile Number SEO boils down to optimizing your pages to get them ranking for that people use when they search online. And let’s face it, you probably want your homepage to rank for a few keywords that are important for your business.


But it is important to note that your homepage isn’t just a landing page for your main keywords. It’s so much more.  It needs to be a place where people are introduced to your brand and where they get an idea of what they can find on your website. It’s not a page that you simply want to fill up with content to increase your rankings on certain keywords. You need to think strategically about what your homepage should contain and not just treat it as a landing page for certain keywords.

Your homepage has more than one goal

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A good approach to your homepage SEO would be to focus on your site visitors and make it clear to them what your website is about. What they will find on your website and what your business is about. This will not only help people understand your business, but it also tells Google what your website is about. Which contributes to the SEO of this page and your overall website.