Use keywords in your Cameroon WhatsApp Number List We recommend that you include your main keyword multiple times in the content of your page. This way, Google will be sure that your page is really about this topic. For example, in this article based on the Amazon Seller Central program and its differences with Vendor Central , the keyword “Amazon Seller Central” was placed in the first 150 words of the content . We have also added this keyword several times in the body of the text, in various places. seller-central-example-keyword-suite In total, we have used our main keyword 8 times in our content.

And since the article is almost 2000 words long, that’s not a very high keyword density. But that’s enough for Google to understand most of the content. Be careful not to overuse your keyword in your content by repeating it 100 times. This will be seen as a black hat SEO strategy called Keyword Stuffing which could earn you a penalty from Google. Conclusion? Include your main keyword on your page a handful of times. It doesn’t matter if you include it a little too much or not enough. However, don’t get into the bad habit of repeating it too many times and hampering a reader’s understanding of your text, or you may receive a penalty.

It Turns Out That Your Urls Are A Key Part Of Your Site’s Seo

Use synonyms and variations Make sure to use synonyms and variations of your target keyword throughout your content. It can help your page rank for dozens of different keywords. For example, take a look at this article on our site which deals with YouTube SEO . example-article-seo-youtube agency 90 Since the term “YouTube SEO” has been incorporated into the title and content tag, it’s no wonder this page ranks first on Google for this query. seo-youtube-serp-agency-90-example 2 But we also have a lot of variations of this keyword. These are known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords . LSI Keywords are terms that are closely related to our main keyword. For example, we include LSI keywords like “YouTube SEO” and “make your YouTube channel visible” in the post.


Tip: To easily find LSI keywords related to your main phrase, we recommend that you look at the queries offered by the auto-complete of the Google search bar, as for the example of the query “marketing ” below. auto-completion-googe-marketing seo Optimize your images Unlike an article made up of text, search engines have a hard time understanding what is inside an image. So they rely on the filename, alt text, and title of your image to determine what that image is about. If your website focuses on the visual through a lot of images, the SEO of your images will be essential.

That Let You Submit Your Sitemap Directly To Google

Otherwise, Google will have a hard time figuring out what’s on your page. Here’s how to optimize your images: First, give your image a descriptive file name. This is what did very well with this article about Google’s BERT algorithm. image-google-bert-bandeau-seo The name of the image file corresponds to “bandeau-google-bert.jpg”. Simple and efficient.

Then use the alt text attribute to describe your image and make it visible in visual search engines like Google Images. attribute-alt-google-bert seo With the increase in visual searches due to apps like Google Lens and smart speakers with screens, always think about optimizing your images so you don’t miss out on an additional influx of visitors to your site. User experience You can have a super SEO optimized page, sure. But what if it looks like this? What’s the point ? example-bad-seo-user-experience Visitors will quickly run away from it. Even if the user experience is subjective (which makes it difficult for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to assess it ), it has an indirect impact on your SEO.

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