Finally, the implementation coordinator states that the ticket has been administratively closed. The ticket and the accumulated history must be saved. If it is necessary to update a placed text, the ticket can be opened again.

One online work environment

An editorial team can work with dozens of signals every week, each of which can go through eight editing phases. An online work environment (work tracking system) can quickly become an indispensable tool. Not only does it help to keep an overview of the total work in progress of the team and the work per phase. It also provides direct insights in other ways:

  • Is the work hoping for something?
  • Does the upcoming newsletter contain enough interesting items?
  • To what extent is additional training required within the team?
  • Which keywords and tags are frequently discussed and can the editors organize an extra expression?

A quick overview can also be made of, for VP IT Email List example, previously published messages on a specific theme.

VP of IT Email Lists

Team Commitment

The described 8 steps are only a practical example. When setting up an online work environment, it is important that the editors take the company’s own process as a starting point, with all its special features. Developing a process plate can take time. As logical and obvious as it may seem, documenting it requires commitment from the entire team.

This is followed by setting up the online work environment with notifications per chosen phase. Once set up, it is nice to be able to sort by person, editor and tags. And when adapting the process plate, it must be possible to easily adapt the work tracking system to this.

Besides the application of a content process, this online working environment is of course also suitable for the controlled answering of questions by the government in, for example, a community. In that case, it is desirable that a question asked on such a site forms an automatic starting point for the internal processing. Another application: its use as a knowledge management environment in the development of legislation and regulations.

The picture is that the range of open source and commercial solutions for an online work environment as described is limited. Examples of providers are Drupal, WordPress and Pleio.

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