Discuss functionalities, design, use of color and the different page types.

The way of working

  • How is the content delivered?
  • How often do you meet to discuss progress?
  • How many feedback rounds do you agree?
  • What are the dependencies on each other and how do you deal with them?


  • When are you going live?
  • What are the deadlines for the different stakeholders?
  • How do you deal with delays?

Development planning is especially important for the content team. So make sure you have a schedule that prevents them from having to wait for each other.

Draw up a clear content governance

How do you ensure that the quality of the content remains of a high level even after going live? With a ‘content governance’. It states:

  • what roles and responsibilities there are in the field of content management,
  • what your content policy is. Think of quality requirements, house style and page structure,
  • how the processes run. Think of editing, approving and publishing, registering bugs, testing functionalities and developing new components.

Make sure you already record these kinds of agreements Founder Email Lists during the content migration. Then the ‘permanent team’ can smoothly take over the website management of the ‘migration team’. And the quality of your content, your systems and your processes is guaranteed.

Founder Email Lists

Don’t forget to test

Continuous testing during the content migration is indispensable. The sooner you start with that, the more you can adjust before your new site goes live. Create a ‘lifelike’ sample page as soon as possible to test the functionalities. You then share this page with the stakeholders. This allows them to continuously monitor and determine whether the content meets their requirements.

Full review

As soon as the three departments (business, content and development) have completed their work, a full review will take place. Each party tests the site based on a number of test scenarios. In such a review you test, among other things, whether the functionalities, design and content meet the requirements that you have drawn up in advance.

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