Remove Obsolete Austria WhatsApp Number List can be used by anyone (not just owners. of sites) to update search results showing information that is no longer present on a page. Here is a screenshot: delete obsolete content in google search console SafeSearch filtering Often times, SafeSearch is difficult for SEOs and webmasters to manage . Is your content blocked because it has been marked as adult? This tool should help you find out quickly. Google said, “The SafeSearch filtering section of Search Console displays a history of pages on your site that have been flagged by Google users as adult content using the Google Safety Center .

URLs submitted using this tool are reviewed, and if Google determines that this content should be filtered out of the SafeSearch results, those URLs are marked as “adult content”. Screenshot: safesearch filtering in the search consoleGoogle launches SOS alert for coronavirus research Google announced on Twitter the activation of an SOS alert in search results for searches related to the coronavirus outbreak. Google’s SOS alerts, introduced in 2017, are activated during crisis events where public safety could be threatened. They are designed to help Internet users by providing them with an ad-free search results page, with the latest news, links to authoritative resources, and applicable safety tips.

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Microsoft considers SEO the most important skill in marketing A study published by Microsoft highlights the most important marketing trends for the 2020 decade. SEO is number 1. The study contains a section on marketing skills trends, listed in order of importance for the 2020 decade that we are entering. Search engine optimization is at the top of the list of essential skills. Note that Google had recommended a few days ago through a video, that engaging an SEO was highly recommended to effectively optimize your website.


The study data is based on a LinkedIn survey conducted by Microsoft of 600 senior marketers working around the world. According to the survey results, the most important skills marketers will need to have in the 2020s are: Technical skills (hard skills) : SEO. Data analysis. Editorial quality (copywriting). Knowing how to adopt an analytical behavior. Not just data, but being able to learn lessons from every marketing action taken. Automating Human skills (soft skills): Creativity. Humility. Empathy. Adaptability. Transparency. If you are reading these lines, you are probably already interested in SEO . But do not hesitate to expand your field of expertise in order to become a real Swiss Army knife allowing you to find solutions to often varied problems.

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For example, SEO and data analytics go pretty much hand in hand, as data interpretation is necessary to measure the success of an SEO campaign. Adding a skill like behavioral analysis could be the next step, as it will help understand not only what users are doing but also why they are doing it. Automation comes into play to some extent with SEO, but not as much as copywriting. Sites need textual content to be visible in search results, and good writing skills can be the difference between a user who stays on the site or abandons it.

Summary The other main trends in Search Marketing Ads that do not direct to a web page The mix of different media Visual search The other main trends in Search Marketing Here are other elements of the Microsoft report relating to the field of Search Marketing. Ads that do not direct to a web page Microsoft suggests that a new form of search engine advertising may emerge that doesn’t direct users to web pages at all: “Think of an interactive ad that asks you to ‘choose your own adventure’ and then answer that question with additional interaction or taking a next step, depending on your choice.

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