Looking at search volume trends rather  create what you think is cute will help you maximize the impact of your message. Blast has been monitoring covid-19 search trends for a client that happens to be a federal healthcare association. And we’ve found that the nature of searches shifted over the weeks as more information was disseminated. In mid-march. The highest volume of searches was around coronavirus symptoms. Over the next few weeks. The theme shifted from symptoms to vaccines and tips.

Then stimulus checks and unemployment. And then n-95 masks. At the time of this writing. “how to make a mask” and “when will the coronavirus be over” are among the top searches. So posting an article about recognizing covid-19 symptoms would be utterly passé. That’s just an example; if your business or organization isn’t in the healthcare industry. Then don’t limit your research to virus-themed keywords. It’s okay to serve that message in a highly visible format such as email or a notification bar on your website.

Though It May Seem

Like the only topic on everyone’s mind. People Ivory Coast Phone Number  also care about chris martin. The zonkey birth. And ham recipes. To apply this to a business case. Let’s use an example of a small. Fair-trade. Organic cotton clothing company that i buy from now and then. I’m on their email list and enjoy finding out when they have sales or new arrivals. But lately they’ve been sending several emails a day. Always with a message about supporting small businesses (i.e. Hint hint). I understand what they’re trying to say.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

But i think it’s a huge missed opportunity. Or new services are available online. Your audience needs to know that. For one thing. Their audience is made of people who care about sustainability and a living wage for the workers; they’re already not buying clothes on amazon. If they had spent some time poking around on google trends. They might’ve noticed there was recently a surge of interest on the topic of loungewear (see chart below): google trends showing interest over time for loungeware this company could potentially.

Make More Sales By

Packaging up their selection of knit pants and t-shirts and marketing it as “quarantine chic.” hypothetically. This would be the stage to bring in the designers and copywriters and bring their data-based campaign to life. The flip side of that coin is: don’t seek search visibility for unrelated content. If keyword research indicates that thousands of people are currently interested in how boris johnson is doing. And your company sells gourmet cheese.

Don’t think that you can successfully harness the boris johnson traffic to sell more cheese. Headings like “fondue recipes that would heal boris johnson” would just embarrass everyone. And you definitely don’t want discomfort to be part of the user experience. Whatever you do. Avoid the digital equivalent of this: example of using covid-19 to promote unrelated content speaking of relevance do share specific information that’s relevant to your product.

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