The potential for disaster may be minimal, but don’t let that sense of security keep you from developing a BCP. If you Benin Phone Number can’t clearly answer the questions above, then you don’t have a plan in place that would keep your business functioning following a disaster. Businesses throughout.

New York City was given

A rude reminder of the need for a BCP following. The  disaster, as were businesses throughout the Northeast following the devastating blackout that left one-seventh of the United States population without power on August 14, 2003. We were all reminded of the potential for a catastrophic disaster when Hurricane.

Katrina hit New Orleans

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Total monetary losses have soared well over $200 billion. Of this total, the greatest sum can attribut. to business disruptions when facilities were damag and destroyed, and employees were display for an extend period of time. The Katrina disaster provides the best example for Americans to understand the need for a business contingency plan. Could your business continue.

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