And they have made us a revelation. If it is true that there is a podcast for each person, there are also podcasts for each zodiac sign. That is why we offer you the first Horoscope!
Which podcasts do you think fit your horoscope the most? It is not easy to answer this question since the variety of content that we have today is enormous. Each horoscope has its peculiarities and characteristics that we have related to some of iVoox’s top podcasts in this Horoscope. Click on the horoscopes below and discover the podcasts that best match your personality according to the stars. oh! And don’t forget to share it with your friends with the hashtag #horoscope .We are pleased to announce the launch of the iVoox app for Movistar+, with which users of that platform will be able to enjoy a selection of the best exclusive and free podcasts from the iVoox Originals catalogue .

This is an agreement that allows users in more than 1 million homes to be able to listen to hundreds of episodes of different themes, directly from Ghana Phone Numbers their television. With this new app we join other major brands such as TikTok, Fortnite or Iberia, which also have their apps integrated into this platform. With the iVoox Living App on Movistar+ you can discover the latest published episodes, recover the content you’ve left halfway through and enjoy the most popular audios of the week, thanks to an editorial selection that is periodically renewed. The iVoox Living App allows you to enjoy a selection of the best iVoox Originals podcasts.

Out Which Podcasts You Should Listen

A catalog with the most outstanding iVoox Originals Among the most relevant podcasts available, we find Días Extraños with Santiago Camacho , in which the journalist and writer treats the mystery with rigor and credibility; La ContraHistoria and La ContraCrónica , in which the journalist Fernando Díaz Villanueva talks about history and politics; Casus Belli , dedicated to analyzing contemporary war conflicts or La Órbita De Endor , on cinema, fantasy and science fiction. There are also the popular True Crime audios from Juegos de Asesinos , in which its creators bet on humor to recount real crimes; the fiction story podcasts November Night and Tales From The Witch’s House ; or the science and outreach shows El Abrazo del Oso and A Ciencia Cierta , which are added to a wide range of available podcasts on various topics.

Some of the podcasts that you can listen to in the iVoox Living App. A new way to enjoy your favorite podcasts “We are pleas that iVoox. One of the leading podcast partners on Movistar+, and that it provides a selection of exclusive programs. that have accumulated millions of listeners in Spain and Latin America”, says Emilio Moreno. CEO of iVoox. For his part, Antonio Guzmán, Director of Digital Home at Telefónica , comments. The addition of iVoox to our Movistar+ podcast platform greatly enriches our entertainment offer. Giving users the chance to enjoy a new television experience”. Since 2019, Movistar users. Who also have the Movistar Home device can enjoy a selection of the best podcasts from the iVoox catalog, which they access by touch or by voice through Aura, Telefónica’s virtual assistant.

the Stars Have Aligned

Through a carousel, customers can view all programs and access iVoox’s extensive catalog of podcasts. It’s been a while since we’ve seen so many superheroes together since The Avengers . This time we will meet the Eternals, another type of superhero that while half the galaxy was fighting Thanos, they watched him from afar. A little help would not have hurt. They have been living among us for more than seven thousand years. Immortal beings with incredible gifts who swore not to alter the course of history unless their mortal enemy intervened. As of November 5 we will be able to see them on our screens, but we already have many podcasters who have had the opportunity to see it (or not) and give their opinion. Some have loved it and others hate it to death.

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