In 2009 we see the birth of the twittosphere, we are witnessing the emergence of rankings (number of followers, ratio, location, etc.). The big quests Cameroon Email list is launched, I was for a time in the top 100 Paris wow, at the same time we discovered the profiles that exceeded 10,000 followers. The mystery of @JeanlucR remains, how does he tweet so much? does it really exist ???

– In 2011, it is the mass arrival of journalists and communication people, if you are influential you have to tweet! – In 2012, the politicians who seize on Twitter, the TV shows which mention the “#” of the program…. We finally hear in the discussions of counters the word Twitter, that’s it Twitter is part of the general public.

Twitter Is Starting To Be Boring, Inevitably, Cronyism And Hair Brushing Rt Becomes De Rigueur.

It was during this period that I really wondered what it is for and especially why I use it. – In 2012, I say to myself that I have to go explore other worlds I lean a little on the crazy profiles without really finding the tone that interests me. It was a few months ago at the chance of a loss of navigation objective that I looked into the case of adolescents.

Cameroon Email list

The arrival of teenagers on Twitter: Guerilla and performance in romantic mode, they are there to make the follower! I had the impression to fall into the world of spam , retweet galore of @ in all senses of the endless ascii … I could have been discouraged, but I admit that not having figured out all the codes i looked more into the situation.

Consolidation Of A Meta Language Or A Meta Communication

The holy grail is to be in TL that is to say on the home page of Twitter, apart from filling up with followers it is above all the ultimate recognition. This is why they keep RT constantly and that for an average Twitter user it is impossible to follow their conversation. I admit that at this level of progress, I said to myself: I discovered something and I started to follow more regularly.

I followed teenagers who tweeted during exams, in full baccalaureate, I witnessed the emergence of tweet star, a young tweeto who had 1000 followers 2 weeks later he had 6000.
I was amazed by his intrinsic qualities of community management, a pro without realizing it … And when I saw that he took charge of the unofficial CM of emission and that he did it brilliantly , I said to myself, the world of com / conso is going to really change. Frankly I find them brilliant, it is not my task to study this phenomenon in depth, but I promise you that they are definitely changing the uses.

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