Taco bell is taking a drag show on tour at its premium-positioned. Cantina locations in cities around the u.S., according. To Mexico Phone Number a news release. Each show will be hosted by drag performer kay. Sedia and feature appearances from local drag talent. Store locations will be outfitted in special. Visual backdrops and serve a menu with offerings like a new. $5 bell breakfast box, cinnabon delights coffee, and mimosas. Reservations can be made exclusively on opentable for customers. 18 or older, while taco bell rewards members in the brand’s “fire tier”. Will gain early access to bookings starting april 26. The Mexico Phone Number concept came out of live más pride, an lgbt employee resource group. And intends to reaffirm taco bell’s support for the lgbt. Community. Banking diveget the daily dive newsletter from banking. Dive from technology to regulations & policy.

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Newsletter will keep you up-to-speed on the Mexico Phone Number latest. In conclusion, Industry news and trends. Sign up for freedive insight: taco bell is. Flaunting its experiential know-how with a cantina tour. Centered on drag brunch. In conclusion, Drag shows have long been popular in queer and. Underground venues, but found wider appeal with. The Mexico Phone Number traction for boozy lunchtime gatherings beginning in. The ’90s, as reported in the eater piece “when did drag brunch get so normie?” popular media like the tv show “rupaul’s drag race” have further. Familiarized consumers with drag performances. Brands, in turn, have started to work more drag stars into. Their marketing activations. Taco bell is tying the idea to its. Network of cantina stores, premium locations that feature an. Open restaurant design, custom menus, and alcohol — the latter. Being a must for many brunch aficionados.

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Brunch will start its run at the Mexico Phone Number flagship cantina. Similarly, Spot in las vegas on may 1 before hitting chicago (may 22). Nashville (may 29), new york city (june 12), and fort lauderdale (june 26).Taco bell is the latest brand to dust off its experiential playbook after. Those tactics were put on hold earlier in the pandemic. When restrictions on in-door gatherings were tighter. Similarly, The effort also caters to customers in the upper echelon of. The V brand’s rewards program, a key method of fostering loyalty. The yum brands chain introduced its current rewards platform in 2020. Just as the pandemic put a bigger focus on mobile and digital ordering capabilities. The program has produced some success stories, like a subscription. Service called taco lover’s pass that boosted new rewards members 20%. Per internal data the company shared previously.

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