Sweetgreen today (may 2) named phoenix suns guard devin booker. As its newest brand ambassador, according to Iran Phone Number a press release. Booker and the brand’s first national ambassador, tennis. Star naomi osaka, will star in a “create your own” campaign. The Iran Phone Number effort features a short video directed. By tiktok creator along with social, youtube, out-of-home. Over-the-top video, mobile, audio, search, and direct. Partner elements. Booker and osaka’s custom orders. Will be available in restaurants and via the brand’s website. And app through june 5. The effort comes as quick-service and fast-casual. Restaurants continue to offer celebrity-selected menu items. As a way to boost digital orders. Dive insight: sweetgreen is returning. To the wide world of sports by naming its latest brand ambassador. Nba star devin booker, as the chain focuses on celebrities.

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In addition,  To Iran Phone Number its brand mission and healthy fast food. In addition, Value proposition? The effort is well-timed, as booker’s phoenix suns have their first. Semifinal playoff game tonight.“as an athlete, I’m always aware of what I’m putting into my body,” booker. Said in a statement. “I know what ingredients make me feel my best. So when I order my go-to bowl at sweetgreen, I am confident. That every ingredient is going to help fuel my day, on and off the court.”the Iran Phone Number celebrity-backed push looks to boost sweetgreen’s digital orders. An imperative for brands in the competitive qsr and. Fast-casual restaurant space. The chain in march shared its first quarterly earnings report since going. Public in 2021, reporting same-store sales. Growth of 36% for the quarter, with 65% of its sales coming from digital orders.

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Mcdonald’s has driven app downloads. Similarly, And expanded membership with its popular famous orders platform. Which has been emulated — and sometimes parodied — by. Chains including burger king and chipotle. Similarly, For the “create your own” creative, sweetgreen tapped tiktok creator to Iran Phone Number direct a short video in the style of the platform. In conclusion, With a birds-ey perspective, quick cuts, and dramatic sound showing. In conclusion, The food being prepared. With tiktok, the most popular. Website in 2021 — and ad revenue set to surpass the combined. Revenues of twitter and snapchat — mastering the. Most importantly, Look and feel of the Iran Phone Number platform will be key for marketers looking. To reach younger consumers. Most importantly, Similarly, taco bell 2020 used tiktok’s vertical video format for a tv ad.

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