lack Friday or Black Friday corresponds to the last Friday of November. It traditionally kicked off the Christmas shopping season in many American brick-and-mortar stores. On this day significant discounts and rebates were applied to hundreds of products. Black was chosen to name that Friday since in the US on that day the red numbers became black for many brands and establishments. The discounts and offers were such that people took to the streets and increased consumption to unthinkable figures. In recent years, this practice has been adopted by dozens of countries around the world. Black Friday has evolved over time and now sales and discounts are not only applied to products from physical stores, but also have an effect on electronic commerce .

Given that the behavior of consumers on this date in the last decade was very positive and the profits for companies very remarkable, Black Friday Norway Phone Number has been extended. Many brands are now offering their black discounts throughout the last week of November. Some companies even offer them earlier. The same thing has happened with Cyber ​​Monday. The Monday after Black Friday, in which great discounts on internet purchases were offer. Today it has also and become Cyber ​​Week. The reason why it has been decided to extend the period of discounts. Rebates has been mainly consumerist. At this time the consumption of certain products. Such as electrical appliances or technology. Consumers buy more impulsively, fueled by flash discounts and countdown deals.

Black Friday 2022

In addition, the consumer thinks that it is a great opportunity to advance. Christmas purchases and get them at a better price. Not all offers shown are real table of contents. Not all offers shown are real 2 Black Friday 2021 3 What your company should take into account for. Black Friday 4 Possible threats for Black Friday 4.1 Eclosion of human companies. Human concerns Although an apparently better price is not always real. There are many companies that disguise their prices so that they appear to be. When in fact they may remain unchanged or even above the normal prices without promotion. To avoid being victims of this. Consumers can analyze the evolution of the prices of different items through the use of certain applications.

Keepa, Camelcamelcamel and Fluctuate allow the user to detect real discounts and avoid fraud. It is also recommend to make physical purchases during the morning hours. Online during the early hours, where the prices are the most competitive and the offers are the most profitable. Black Friday 2021 A year and a half ago the world. We knew it underwent great and important changes. The degree of digitization of businesses and households was to increase. Thus, the purchasing behavior of consumers and their consumption habits varied.

to Unthinkable Figures

The reason for the change was the impending pandemic caused by COVID-19 . In Spain, 20 months after the state of a pandemic was officially. There are still many establishments with limitations on capacity, hours, and even temporary closure. After so many months, the consumer has become accustomed to performing many of his tasks online, appreciating the convenience that derives from it and the time savings. That is why it is expect that this year Black Friday will be more digital.

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