In this ultra-communication society in which we live, we realize that communicators (companies, brands, politicians) address people and consumers alike, believing they can influence their behavior, their way of thinking, to  Chile Email List the desired actions. Yet we can clearly see today on the web that Internet users have become militant citizens ready to make things happen (did you say {R} evolution?). The proof: the Sodexo example.

For some time now, the term consumer actor has been used in marketing language. A typology of actors appeared thanks to web 2.0 where the watchword was no longer to be the simple recipient of a message, but to also be an actor on the basis of collaborative work. But this logic remains biased because once again the communicators find interests in it: by pushing the consumer to become a contributor, we can get to know him better in order to try to influence his behavior more effectively.

Citizen Community Management: The “change Sodexo” Example

Through its communication, Sodexo positions itself as the world leader in quality of daily life solutions and claims to be a committed employer. For the average consumer who uses his Sodexo restaurant tickets, why not believe this multinational of French origin?

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However, by taking a little tour on the web, we hear a totally different story when talking about Sodexo. The site has been campaigning since January 2010 alongside trade unions around the world to ” demand that Sodexo live up to the principles that the company puts forward in terms of social responsibility, by guaranteeing respect for the fundamental rights of its employees. employees around the world and by committing to continue the social dialogue in order to improve the working conditions of its employees ” .

Did you say {R} evolution?

If we take a more general point of view, we realize that this changes the role and the functioning of the company. It is therefore now a question of exercising citizen community management . Each strategic recommendation must put the citizen at the heart of its approach.

Transparency will no longer be a green buzzword but a logic of action. Companies will be faced with regular bad buzzes which will have to be resolved on a case-by-case basis. The company will therefore have to rethink all of its services. Ultimately, it is the construction of the company of tomorrow: the company 2.0 .

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