Content creators! This is a nice word. This is the one chosen by the influencers interviewed by the Reech agency . The influencer agency conducted a study with around 1,500 influencers at the end of 2020. To learn all about this study, I interviewed Guillaume Doki Thonon , co-co-founder of Reech, and co-author of a book on influence

Influencers want to be seen as content creators content creators Forget the prejudices and the arrogance that we attribute – in a caricatured way – to influencers. For real, they are content creators, not billboards . And they won’t hesitate to tell you if you try to use and manipulate Tokelau Email List or even refuse your partnerships. This study allows us to put figures on influence and to re-establish some truths about influencers: above all content creators, they are certainly numerous, but few are those who live from this activity which often corresponds to additional income. Finally, far from being billboards, they know how to refuse partnerships that do not showcase their creativity.

Reech 2021 Study On Influencers And Content Creators

The result that marked us the most in this study, underlines Guillaume, “is the leap that influencer marketing made during the crisis, since more than 50% of influencers received more requests for partnerships in 2020. than in 2019 ″ . In France, the number of influencers is estimated at 150,000 , and worldwide , there are 10 million .

Tokelau Email List

Marketing influence : the book by Guillaume and Camille “We had the feeling that they didn’t like being called influencers, and for the study we asked them directly,” notes Guillaume. They are indeed 67% to prefer that we privilege the term of creators of contents. “There is a pejorative side to the term influencers, it gives the impression that their role is only to promote products and influence purchasing behavior. However, this is only part of their work ”insists Guillaume.

B2b In Marketing Influence And Among Content Creators

“It is true that there are more influencers dealing with subjects B2C
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, but B2B has a strong presence in marketing influence, ”explains Guillaume. “We have done a lot of operations for Michelin for a target of truck drivers, and we went to find an influencer who speaks to these audiences. There are some that are aimed at professionals and there is a real emergence in early 2020 of farmer influencers who talk about their profession and reach out to other farmers ”.

The term content creators, which is also the one most used in the United States ( content creators ), is the term by which they prefer to be called, and which is the most representative of all of their work. . Which Digital Marketing to understand the perception of visitors? The objective here is to locate the keywords that Internet users use to reach a website. As explained above, an alternative would be to monitor branded organic traffic to see what terms are associated with my brand. Some keyword suggestion tools can also be useful, such as Google Suggest, Ubersuggest, SEMRush, etc. You will then be able to see which words are commonly associated with your business that can provide you with great optimization opportunities.

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