With nearly 40% of the beer brand’s business occurring on-premise. A new campaign urges diners to return to Slovenia Phone Number restaurants. Published Feb. 9, 2022sara karlovitch’s headshots are. Karlovitchassociate editor courtesy of Stella artisans some brands. Emphasize the virtual world, Stella Artois, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Is asking consumers to engage in the real world with a new campaign kicking. Off on super bowl Sunday. With this effort, the beer marketer hopes. To engage pandemic-weary consumers as many try to keep up with constantly. Changing guidelines and adjusting to a new normal. The campaign, “make time for the life Artois,” is made up of two parts. In the Slovenia Phone Number first push, football players Eli manning, Ryan Clark, and dan. Marino will cover the shifts of three restaurant workers on super bowl Sunday.

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Work, the restaurant employees will. Attend the game with a guest of their choice using tickets provided by the company. The Slovenia Phone Number second part of the campaign is an advertisement. That encourages people to visit restaurants. Despite the very real threat the covid-19 pandemic still poses. A new normal is beginning to emerge as some restrictions ease. After two years of quarantining and shutdowns, bars and restaurants are reopening. And large gatherings are becoming more commonplace. However, brands would be amiss to assume consumers are the same. They were before the pandemic. The Slovenia Phone Number post-pandemic consumer has different values than the pre-pandemic. Consumer and brands have been trying to keep up.“we’re at a point now where you’ve got real covid fatigue. And our consumers are, in many instances, saying.

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In addition,  Hope for the future, and I don’t need it. To Slovenia Phone Number have brands hold a mirror up to what’s going on and show me, people. Wearing masks. I get it, this thing covid will be around for a while. But give me some hope and do so obviously in a respectable, responsible way,’” said Lauren Janowitz. Head of marketing at Stella Artois. In addition, The post-pandemic consumer is less likely to be loyal to any one brand, including beer, according to research. By McKinsey and co. As brands try and anticipate how to entice these. Consumers, some are banking on NFTs and the metaverse while others like. Stella Artois is focused on the Slovenia Phone Number physical world. The beer marketer’s campaign touches on two points. Important to the younger post-pandemic consumer.

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