Social networks are powerful tools for brands that want to stay close to their consumers. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, it is indeed possible to create a North Korea Email List of fans and to interact with them. These exchanges allow for example to recover returns on your products or services or on your company. But it is possible to go even further. In response to a request expressed by their Facebook fans, the Rhums et Punchs Isautier brand carried out a great operation by launching a new product on the market. An example of good practice to have on the networks.

Staying tuned to your community is certainly one of the best practices for companies that communicate on social networks. The Rums et Punchs Isautier company, which we support in digital marketing, demonstrated this with a nice gift to its fans.

Numerous Press Articles Also Echoed This Operation.

Very engaged, fans quickly flooded the page with positive or amused comments. April Fool’s Day had gone really well and most of the fans had taken the bait. This enthusiasm did not leave the brand indifferent. Wishing to surprise its fans even more, it decided to go further in the interaction by proposing a new product that directly answered the call of its community.

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But cassava is a root far too unstable to make a spirit of it and it was necessary to opt for another approach: rather than putting the Arrangé in the pastry, the Isautier researchers chose to put the pastry in the Arrangé. . They therefore turned to a sweet potato macerate, which goes very well with vanilla and rum. And that’s where the Douceur d’Arrangé was born, Gato Patat ‘! The product launch campaign was a real success with overwhelming positive reactions. It’s a real wink to the fans.

About Rums And Punchs Isautier.

Rhums et Punchs Isautier is a family business created in 1845 by the brothers Charles and Louis Isautier. It brings together a distillery (one of the last on Reunion Island) and a liquor store. Rhums et Punchs Isautier produces rums (white, old and Arranged), punches and other spirits. The oldest rum brand in Reunion Island, the company wishes to establish an image of innovation and tradition, while developing its values ​​such as excellence.

The brand also wishes to mark its deep attachment to its land, Reunion Island. To stay closer to its consumers, it has created various digital exchange channels: mailing, website, e-commerce, blog, Facebook page and Instagram account. The brand has obviously adapted its support strategy each time .

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