Where Is Linkedin And What Is Its Future?  wanted to take stock of the famous networkB2B. In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … about which we hear a bit of everything and anything. It would become like Facebook, Poland WhatsApp Number List would not know what to do with it … State of play and future of LinkedIn, the network of B2B networks So to be sure to have informed answers to my questions, I turned to Alain Lefebvre , co-founder of SQLi and pioneer of social media in B2B with 6nergies.net (now no longer). He was also the author of a seminal book on social media in 2008.

AO Indeed, social media was very fashionable 7-8 years ago, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. You absolutely had to have them in your offer, otherwise you couldn’t respond to a call for tenders. Social media remain marginal in customer relations When we take stock today, the use of these media is very marginal. On the other hand, we see another channel emerging, which is Facebook, particularly in the relationship with the end consumer.

Could We Imagine That The decision Makers

Buyer’s behavior in B2B: Internet and social networks have changed the behavior of … have all fled the B2B network one day? Ah, it starts strong! LinkedIn is no different from other destinations on the web. Because, on the Web, there are two types of addresses: the sites that we discover occasionally and the must-see destinations that everyone knows and frequents, for different reasons.

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And so, inevitably, these destinations are more or less “polluted” by undesirable people with reprehensible behavior. But the real question is, is this pollution enough to negate the interest in this destination in the first place? I do not think so. First of all, it would be necessary to define what the term “decision-makers” encompasses. Alain Lefebvre answers us on LinkedIn Alain Lefebvre On different levels, we are all “decision makers” of something . We all represent greater or lesser stakes and are all confronted with tensions between what we are looking for and what we want to avoid. So is LinkedIn going to lose all the decision makers (i.e. us)?

What Really Is The Role Of This Tool Today And Tomorrow?

In fact, in my opinion, the early vocations of the service are still there. LinkedIn is still a networking tool and an impressive online CV database … That hasn’t changed. What is new, however, is the focus on internal content and, still in my opinion, it is going in the right direction. How better to get noticed than by publishing interesting content directly in the service?

A possible development in the more or less near future: ensuring that the service designates professionals directly for you according to your choice of criteria, and this to go beyond text-based research. In this context, LinkedIn could offer you to complete your profile so that this type of research is better handled (by this we must understand “increase the chances that your profile is taken into account”). Obviously not. For the moment, LinkedIn is and remains the easiest and fastest place to find a professional specializing in a particular field. Afterwards, being able to contact him is another matter … and that he answers you yet another!


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